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Do you believe that zodiac characteristics match with the persons?

do you believe or have you notices any of the people you know that have the characteristics or some of them of their zodiac sighns? do you think that people match their zodiac sighns?

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    When I first got into the Zodiac Sign thing. I was bored in Computer class in 8th grade--I never did my work. I remember going on wiki and it used to have the likes/dislikes things on them before some idiot removed them.

    Anyway I remember reading Virgo and I almost had a heart attack, It fit my sister EXACTLY! They like cleanliness, having a good health, worry to much, etc. I was sitting there with my eyes bugged out and my mouth wide open. My sister's rising sun is Aries and Aries are usually really hyper and that fit her too. She can be either really boring or hyper as a mofo. Understanding and smart as hell.

    Pisces fit my brother he just has that thing to him that attacts people to him and that fit my Pisces friends and other Pisces'.

    Cancer fit my sister--emotional as hell, hurt easily, give silent treatments when they're mad.

    Taurus my dad- not really seems to be stubborn but boring, lazy, slow moving, doesn't really talk much, but can be really fun!

    Leo my mom- Likes attention, my mom is accepting and friendly. When she's mad she can be really cold. But overall nice.

    Aquarius me- I love privacy, figuring things out myself, I hate asking for help, either really quiet and shy or really hyper and lively, really unpredictable, a good listener. Can be revengeful if not in a good mood, doesn't express feelings easily, only emotional if I'm alone.

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    Sometimes, sometimes not. As I think I've said before, a lot of the "characteristics" associated with one sign is universal - we're all human beings, we're all different and pretty much any quality can apply to anyone.

    You would have to be crazy to go strictly by what a horoscope says about you.

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    yeah i do.

    im lazy, loyal to my bf, stubborn, i enjoy the one-on-one of a close relationship and i am a bit slow to trust people like the Taurus.

    i believe the zodiac characteristics are right about 95-99% of the time.

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    I'm a Capricorn and I fit the definition 100%.

    It's weird how birth date can influence personality.

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    Definitely i am Gemini and fit it to a T. my hubby is Taurus and he matches his sign

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    yesssss mine is Libra and my Bf's also libra

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