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Hair extension querry...?

I am considering getting hair extensions not really for the length but a little longer would be great just my hair is quite thin and i think hair extensions will improve this. I don't know much about them so can you guys give me some information. Price? Weaved or glued (not that i know the difference)? Can you get them exactly the same colour as your hair now?.. How long do they last? Ect. Thanks =]

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    so u want natural hair extensions?

    i personally have a hair extension, not glued

    where i got it from , they have 2 kind of hair.

    1st place, which is a bit expensive (around 350$ {here in lebanon it costs that much}) because it is a very good quality of hair that u can dye any color u want and as much as u want

    the 2nd place hair, (150$) is also good but u can only change its color once, and u can only darken the color , not lighten it.

    u put the hair extension in the middle of ur hair mass and u stick it with clips (that come on the extension)

    when u order an extention, the store takes ur exact hair color to make the extension the same color, so don't worry abt the color

    they can last as much as u want. if ur extention is removable (not glued) dont wash it too often bcz with time hair will fall off especially after u wash it, so make sure it stays clean :) .

    after like 6 month to one year, the hair extention will be less heavy since the hair falls away with time, so u can go back to the store and ask for a refill it for 30$

    i don't exactly know the prices from ur country, im refering to the prices in my country :)

    hopw i helped u and gdluck

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    ok thyere are many ways to get it in

    *sewing it in- with needle last about 2months 50$?

    *bonding- with glue ;last about 3 weeks months very high risk of permanetly daaging hair !30$

    *fusion (recommend best)- most protctive dosent damage-;

    Your natural hair is fused together in tiny sections with artificial hair extensions, making it less visible and more versatile 8months; 60-80$

    *clip ons- last for how ever long you take care of them- $30-$90

    *mini links- (recomended)take strands of hair and press on weave$?

    *seamless-with tape very cheap not good for hair

    hope i helpedd (:

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