whats the best university in canada for someone studying abroad?

i'm from ireland and next september 2010 i'm hoping to study in canada whats the best one for someone 18 years old studying abroad that has campus acommodation? i'm hoping to study nursing, midwifery, science , biology, pharmacuetical or any science subject is what i want to study.

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    4 years ago

    I suggest coming here to Texas. Sure it's the USA but it's like a whole other country. I had a college friend who was from Australia that said he regretted ever moving away from Texas after school. You'd probably feel right at home here, Texans maybe proud gun totetin', give 'em hell attitude cowboys, but we're also known for our friendliness. Northeast USA folks can be a little rude and people on the west cost can seem a bit bipolar, but Texans are known for being level headed and we are known for our schools, especially in Engineering and Veterinary medicine at Texas A&M and Law and Medicine at University of Texas. We got some of the biggest cities in the country, and Austin, Tx is considered the "greenest" city in America. And we got some of the widest open spaces when you just got to get away.

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    1 decade ago

    Any university is good really for studying abroad. University of Toronto has lots of international students and is in downtown Toronto, so if you're looking for a chance to discover new cultures and want a more diverse setting, go for U of T.

    McMaster's health sciences program is something too. It's one of the harder progams to get into, and the university is well respected too. If you get in, well, that's something to talk about.

    UBC, and McGill are also very reputable Canadian schools. But it's up to you. Go to the websites and see which school suits your needs and what you want/expect from a university.

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    1 decade ago

    Well there are many great universities in Canada. It depends also on the location, where would you like to be?

    For example you have Mac Master university-in the greater Toronto area, it's well known for its Medical Program, it has a hospital next to it that is one o the best children's hospital in Canada.

    Then you have Mc Gill University in Montreal, great university high reputation.

    Here's a great website that has a ranking of canadian universities so you can have a better idea... so where are you from? And besides the edcuational component-that's highly important-what else would you be looking at? In terms of city etc... because it'll be part o your life or a long time.


  • 1 decade ago

    University of Toronto has a lot of student studying abroad. It's good with almost every subject. I live close to it and I see the students life there, it's pretty hectic yet awesome.

    If you want to study nursing or medicine(pharmacist) then McGill University is the best university in Canada for that subject. But there's not that much student studying abroad there.

    I know you! You're the one who asked "Do you think i'll meet a guy in college if i'm studying nursing?"

    Good luck with University, if you chose to go to University of Toronto you might be able to meet me!

    Source(s): University of Toronto~http://www.utoronto.ca/ McGill University~http://www.mcgill.ca/
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  • 1 decade ago

    Dalhousie University! They have a really good sciences program. The university is located in Halifax Nova Scotia. Halifax is an awesome city, its right on the ocean. I live there so of course I am bias lol. St Francis Xavier is also a great university in Nova Scotia for sciences. Its probably the better school, but its outside of the city.



    Why the thumbs down?

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    1 decade ago

    You should post this in the Education- Studying Abroad section.

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    1 decade ago

    Mcgill university, i could meet u there next year xD

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