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is J.A Happ NL Rookie of the Year?

he is 8-2 and has the 7th lowest ERA in MLB with a 2.75. i think he is

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    idk about that yet, Andrew McCutchen from the Pirates is also a serious contender

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    That only hitter even worth mentioning on that list is McGehee. He's actually hitting for average, unlike the rest of the guys on that list. And he has just over 200 at bats. The rest of the list has 250, 300, 350+ and 350+ each. The guy has done just as much with significantly less at bats. He would clearly be the best Hitter of the crop.

    As far as pitching goes, it would have to be Happ at the top of the list. Hanson is a close second based on less innings pitched. Overall number he doesn't have Happs K's or Innings Pitched, but has performed welll. Wells would be third.

    The pitching this year in the NL has much more to smile at from its rookies then does the hitting side.

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    J.A. Happ will definitely be NL ROY. He has the best record and ERA of any rookie pitcher and no other offensive player stands out. Pablo Sandoval is not eligible having 100+ ABs in 2008. Happ is also on a great team that will get him run support increasing his wins. J.A. Happ=NL ROY.

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    He has a very good chance. The other candidates are:

    MIL Casey McGehee (9 HR, 35 RBI, .308 BA)

    PIT Andrew McCutchen (7 HR, 34, RBI, .285 BA, 12 SB)

    FLA Chris Coghlan (6 HR, 30 RBI, .282 BA)

    COL Dexter Fowler (4 HR, 30 RBI, .271 BA, 26 SB)

    STL Colby Rasmus (11 HR, 38 RBI, .259 BA)

    CHC Randy Wells (9 W, 5 L, 3.01 ERA)

    ATL Tommy Hanson (7 W, 2 L, 3.05 ERA)

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    No, they have not announced the winners yet. Voting will come around the last week of the season.

    So, Happ may blowup starting today against the Braves.

    Happ will not win because of the facts:

    A.) no one really knows about him outside of Philadelphia save a few such as I.

    a.) come on his name is J.A. Happ, it isn't catchy.

    B.) he is playing on a team that has superior talent as compared to most, if not all, of the other teams in the National League

    C.) There are other worthy nominees for this award.

    a.) Andrew McCutchen - Pirates - OF - .285 7 HR 34 RBI 43R 12 SB and great OF play...all for a bad, bad team

    b.) Randy Wells - Cubs - P - probably the most dependable starter for the Cubs - 9-5 - 3.01 ERA - 71 K 1.20 WHIP

    c.) Others to consider: Dexter Fowler, Tommy Hanson

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    I would say either Andrew McCutchen or Dexter Fowler but Happ has a really good chance.

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    Looks that way, unless Randy Wells keeps on rolling and Happ slips at the end.

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    I really like his chances if he is eligible which I think he is.

    It could come down between him and Hanson of the Braves.

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    Chris Coghlan is a serious contender... but you wouldn't know that because you don't get to see him thanks to ESPN having a NE biased

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    that guy from the pirates will be or colby ramus

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