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Does anyone know any good free wholesale sites?

I currently work but I am afraid of redundancy as it has happened quite often over the past year at my company. I would like to start a shop on Ebay and hopefully make a living out of this as many people do. Does anyone know of any good wholesale sites or where I can purchase bankrupt or liquidation stock? ALso, does anybody know good products to sell on ebay? Thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Jeeze jolia needs too quit posting add on Yahoo answers!! first of all I am part owner of a local store and I sell all of my novelty and extra stock inventory that sit on my shelves on ebay and I have too be honest....Its tough to make anything on ebay unless you get it real cheap...I mean practically free ..shipping prices are $$costly$$ and come out of alot of peoples pockets.. even if it says free... I know alot of websites. most require $100 min purchase and the other few that dont require a min purchase on buying wholesale...then you have a personal tax# required inorder to buy... there are ways around some of it tho.. craigslist is like a local ebay... local vendors that stock gas stations or gift shops is another way to get products to sell..Ive made some good money from dealing with these guys and they are hard to find most people wont give you their vendor because they fear you will put them out of business or threatn their business sales... Id try selling on craigslist if it dont work to great go to ebay, but I honestly havent had a graet turn out on ebay latley because of authorized dealers and the competition is feirce!! where do you go to shop for a bargain?? I usually find them on ebay...can you top that?? I cant thats why I shop there for competitive prices and use ebay as a price guide...I never sell as cheap in my store as ebay tho...If I did id be out of business some people would pay alittle more to have the product now instead of 3-7 day shipping and in some rare cases I guess I would too. Good Luck I hope this helps and opens new sucessfull options!!! P.s economy has put the strain on all of us business owners in some way, ive lost 35-40% of sales due to it.. and most others have lost mor than that on sales even barbershop owners are having hard times!!

    Source(s): Try local vendors first then try internet sales but beware local has more cah$ and trust...internet has shipping and add co$t compietition a little more hastle to aswell Good Luck
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    3 years ago


    Source(s): Wholesale Suppliers
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    Source(s): Find Cheap Inventories
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    1 decade ago

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