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在 quot. "Have" , "Do" , "Are" 幾時個會轉 過去式 ?(每個都要舉2個例)

最快 和 最正確的 才是"最佳回答"

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  • Ling
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    1 decade ago
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    Do you have brothers or sisters?

    I have two brothers and one sister.

    We do not use past tense (HAD) in these two examples as it is existing all the time

    Have you finished your homework? = have finished is present perfect tense & does not show any time.

    Yes, I have finished your homework. or we can say -

    Yes, I had finished my homework when you called me last night. = Here had finished is past perfect tense and used to show two action - one before another - in the past.

    Are they busy ? Are you going to school now? = Are can be changed into past tense when we refer to yesterday or in the past.

    Were they busy? Were you going to school then? WERE is past tense of ARE.

    Yes, they are busy. Yes, I am going to school.

    Are these books yours? = Do these books belong to you?

    Yes, they are mine

    Hope you will understand when to use have, are and do both in sentences and questions.

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