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    Rain, Rain, Go Away

    Rain, rain, go away,

    Come again some other day,

    Little Johnny wants to play.

    Rain, rain, go to Spain ,

    Never show your face again.

    Snowflakes Falling Down

    Snowflakes falling down,

    Floating to the ground,

    Sliding, gliding, gently dance,

    You fall without a sound.

    Autumn Breeze

    When the Summer shuts her eyes,

    Naughty Autumn Breeze

    Steals away the pretty leaves

    From all the forest's trees.

    Then they stand so bare and cold

    In the frosty air,

    Till old Winter comes along

    And finds them shiv'ring there.

    Kind old Winter pities them,

    When the cold winds blow,

    So he wraps them snug and warm

    In cloaks of fluffy snow.

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