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勝文 asked in 教育與參考考試 · 1 decade ago

高一升高二的英文作文 +20



我得題目是 My Favorite Passtime





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    提供一篇給您參考^^ 還有是"pastime"唷!如果不夠的話,你再加入你的感想唄

    My Favorite Pastime

    As far as I'm concerned, listening to music is my favorite pastime. Of all kinds of music, classical music appeals to me most.

    The merits of listening to classical music can be described as follows: To begin with, it can relieve the pressure from my schoolwork; therefore, I get used to listening to soft music while reviewing my lessons.

    What's more, when I am in a bad mood, the sweet melody can comfort my soul and regain my pleasant mood. And no matter what music we listen to, it can not only bring us pleasure but also make our life beautiful.

    Listening to classical music, especially in the depth of night, makes my mind travel around the world, bathed in the soft breeze and bright moonlight of great nature. Most important of all, listening to classical music can help me forget my sadness and pains.

    Indeed, if there were no music, my life would be dull and boring. Also I can not imagine what the world would be like without music.


    Hope Helps!!

    Source(s): 龍騰文化
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