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What do you think the hispanic population in the U.S be by 2050?

so i always hear that in 2050 hispanic will take over the U.S im just wondering if thats true.

I live in Canada and when i go down to the U.S i dont go very far from the border so i dont see any hispanic but people always say that the time will come when the U.S will be a spanish speaking country so im just wondering if thats really true and if it is do you thin they will start to make there way to Canada?

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    According to the US Census website the Hispanic Population in 2050 will be 102 million or 24,4% of the population. Here is a table with the progression:

    M %

    1970 9,6 4,7

    1980 14,6 6,4

    1990 22,4 9,0

    2000 35,3 12,5

    2010* 47,8 15,5

    2020* 59,7 17,8

    2030* 73,0 20,1

    2040* 87,7 22,3

    2050* 102,6 24,4

    At this link you can find more information:

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    Do I think that the rising population of Hispanics in the US will eventually make illegal immigration legal? Nope. People who come to America become Americans. Do I think that they will fight be make it easier for Hispanics to enter the US? Nope. I'm Canadian. Chinese-Canadians who have lived in Canada for generations are no more or less accepting of Chinese newcomers than the rest of us. Do I think that the US will eventually become a 2nd world country as a result of this change? Nope. Do the math. The US, like many other wealthy nations--including Canada and Germany--has a declining birthrate and an aging population. We all NEED immigration, for the economic surivival of our nations. America, to its credit, has a non-racist immigration policy, whereby no preference is given to people of a certain ethnic or racial or national background. Do I think that white people should begin immigrating back to Europe where the Euro is continually outdoing the USD every year? Nope. I was born in Canada, as were both my parents. All four of my grandparents were Scottish. I have never set foot in Scotland, and the place would be as foreign to me as any other place. If you want to leave the USA because the Euro is doing better than the greenback, your postiion does not reflect your patriotism in a very good light. Are you going to skeedaddle like a scared little bunny when things get tough at home--or are you going to look after Number One and to heck with the country you probably say you love?

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    I heard on a show, history channel i believe, that in 2050, 50% of the american population will be minority. that includes blacks which makes up a good portion of the U.S population. The U.S's second official language is spanish. I doubt that spanish will ever be the main language. the children will grow up watching english speaking TV, Radio, music, and american friends. There will be some spanish learned from the parents but they will not be speaking it 24/7. Over time less and less spanish will be remembered. I know plenty of mexicans that speak better english. I even know a few that only speak english. As for making their into canada, its possible. But not as much as the U.S has. A small amount i'd say.

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    PROBABLY!! More than the Canadian citizens can support... Unfortunately, there may be more Americans doing the same because there are so many here using the system to support their families at home, while procreating new babies here so we taxpayers can support them and thier 2 plus families. If you have questions about this, go to a US western union on a Friday evening and see how much cash gets sent to Mexico while the family of 12 is sitting in the uninsured vehicle in the parking lot, eating their food provided by the food stamps, WIC that all of those US born babies receive. Trust me these folks come through the border with the knowledge of what to do and what to say.

    So answer to your question...Do I think they will make their way into Canada, NO DOUBT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our country will be out of handouts, get ready!

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    The world is changing, America become hispanic, Europe becoming Eurabia...who thing is for certain, the West is starting to weaken.....

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    you bet they will start moving into canada like leeches once they suck good blood out of the U.S.

    they breed like theres no tomorrow, and the f'ing bleeding heart liberals only encourage it. im so sick of them and their anchor babies..this needs to be put to a serious halt. just because a dog is born in a stable doesnt mean its a horse!

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    FcUK all the WHiTEY SCUM PUTAs & YAT Shiit.

    And especially the WHiTEY SCUM that say they are "not racist"

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