Can a porn star become a hollywood actor?

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    Yes and no. A porn star can definitely get mainstream acting roles . . . but they're usually small parts, more often than not sex or porn-related (i.e. playing a stripper, a porn star, or somebody in a movie about porn).

    If you're talking about becoming famous enough that people who don't watch porn know your name, probably not. Definitely not enough to live on.

    Some women and men have been able to get some major roles (see: Sasha Grey in "The Girlfriend Experience"), but mostly, if you do porn, it is a death knell for any mainstream Hollywood career.

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  • dees
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    Tracy Lords has been in movies and even had a lead roll on the series melrose Place, Movies Blade, Cry baby, Zack and miro make a porno (Katey Morgan was in this also)

    jenna jamenson was in Private Parts (although she played herself)

    Ron jermey has been in a ton of mainstream movies - one off of the top of my head is detroit rock city

    Kobe tai - Very bad Things - she plays a stripper who gets accidentally killed at a bachelor party

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    Megan Fox did.

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    uh huh.

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