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Is a .357 more powerful than a .45 ACP?

I know a 44 magnum sure is, seen that on tv, not even close.

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    Both yes and no, the "correct" answer depends on what method you use to determine the power level.

    Using kinetic energy KE in Ft-Lbs = (WxV^2)/450240 the .357 Magnum shows as more powerful.

    .357 Magnum 125gr@1,450fps= 584

    .357 Magnum 158gr@1,235fps= 535

    .357 Magnum 180gr@1,130fps= 510

    .45 ACP 185gr@1,000fps= 410

    .45 ACP 230gr@8,55fps = 373

    the plus P loads for 45 ACP close the gap though

    45 ACP +P 185gr@1,140fps= 533

    45 ACP +P 230gr@1,000fps= 510

    Simple momentum (WxV) divided by say 1000 to keep answers small makes them about equal with an slight edge to the .45+P.

    .357 Magnum 125gr@1,450fps= 181.25

    .357 Magnum 180gr@1,130fps= 203.4

    .45 ACP 185gr@1,000fps= 185

    .45 ACP 230gr@855fps = 196.65

    .45 ACP +P 185gr@1,140fps= 210.9

    .45 ACP +P 230gr@1,000fps= 230

    If you use the Taylor Knock Out formula(devolped mostly to compare stopping rifles in Africa) TKO = (WxVxD)/7000 as a basis the .45 ACP wins easily

    .357 Magnum 125gr@1,450fps= 9.24

    .357 Magnum 158gr@1,235fps= 9.95

    .357 Magnum 180gr@1,130fps= 10.37

    .45 ACP 185gr@1,000fps= 11.92

    .45 ACP 230gr@855fps = 12.67

    .45 ACP +P 185gr@1,140fps= 13.59

    .45 ACP +P 230gr@1,000fps= 14.82

    Light bullets at high speed can be amazingly effective but that doesn't always mean they are better.

    KE=Kinetic Energy

    W=bullet weight in grains

    V=velocity in feet per second

    D=bullet diameter in inches

    -added- side note on the .44 Rem. Mag.

    Full power loads:

    180gr@1,610fps= 1,036

    Momentum= 289.8

    TKO= 17.76

    240gr@1,300fps= 901ft-lbs

    Momentum= 312

    TKO= 19.12

    320gr@1,150fps= 940ft-lbs

    Momentum= 368

    TKO= 22.55

    Self-defense/combat loads:

    200gr@1,075fps= 513

    Momentum= 215

    TKO= 13.18

    210gr@1,250fps= 728ft-lbs

    Momentum= 262.5

    TKO= 16.09

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    It is a mute point. The 357 being a revolver is 6, maybe 7 shots. I have fired the Beretta PX4 Storm F, which handles very nice, holds 10+1 and reloads in about 1.5 seconds. This ain't your father's M1911A1!

    While the .357 may pack more punch shot for shot, there are some pretty sophisticated and advanced automatics still chambered in .45 ACP. Going down a dark alley or in a firefight with a well trained enemy, I'd still shoot the 45 ACP.

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    Yes. A bullet's energy is measured in foot pounds (ft.lb). 1 ft.lb of energy will lift a 1 pound weight 1 foot, 5 ft.lb will lift a 1 pound weight 5 feet or a 5 pound weight 1 foot

    .44 Mag=1650 ft.lbs

    .357 Sig =774 ft.lbs

    .357 Magnum=710 ft.lbs

    .45 ACP=520 ft.lbs

    Please note all these values are the hottest ones I can find. the .44 Mag is for +P ammo (+ pressure)

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    The .40 5 is two.36mm greater suitable. For attitude the version between a .22 and .30 high quality is two.06mm. That reported there are thank you to many factors to function to furnish a definitive answer. Distance from aim being a large component. the two will make anyones day particularly undesirable or make you particularly ineffective. My popular analogy replaced into throughout a pre-fireplace communicate. I asked the officer preparation us, merely before firing on the .40 5 selection, "Why the .40 5 and not a .38?" His answer "If I shoot you interior the hand with the .38 it is going to positioned a hollow on your hand. If I shoot you interior the hand with the .40 5 it is going to probable take your arm off on the elbow!"....."in case you're interior of 25 meters" The .357 will come out of the barrel going over 300ft in line with 2d quicker so possibly you unfastened the hand. yet not 0.5 your arm?

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    Force = mass x velocity^2, or , in other words, increasing the speed will greatly increase impact force, way more than increasing mass.

    A .357 properly loaded will crack an engine block. But it will go right through a person or animal that the slower, larger .45 will stay in, imparting a full energy transfer. So, IMHO, the .45 may be less powerful, but they invented the double-tap for fast, small bullets.

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    I've read that using a 230 grain Speer Gold Dot JHP loaded by Doubletap Ammo, and using a 5" barrel, the .45 acp penetrates 15.3" and expands to .95"

    That's as good of a manstopper as it gets.

    The 125 grain Speer Gold Dot JHP loaded by Doubletap and using a 4" barrel resulted in 14.5" of penetration and .70" of expansion.

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    What Chris says is true. The .357 is faster and will travel through more stuff what ever it may be....flesh,gel. But the .45 is bigger and makes a bigger hole and penetrates quite well enough tearing up and damaging more stuff......flesh,guts,brain,heart,lungs....etc....

    BTW: Forget TV

    TV is for ratings and sensationalism.

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    Yes, both the .357magnum & .357sig are more powerful than the .45acp.

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