Can you put a Rental mobile home on a lot without a permit in Unincorporated Harris County?

Can you put a Rental mobile home on a lot without a permit in Unincorporated Harris County? It is a rental mobile home that a tenant wants to put on our lot..


They want to store it there without electricity and without anyone living there until we (the property owners) get the permit.. Since they do not want to pay rent where they currently live..

Update 2:

Harris County Texas

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    There is likely not a county in the country which will allow an un-permitted mobile home to be placed on a lot. And what will you do if these charming "tenants", (who don't want to pay rent where they currently live!?!) do not move into or pay rent for this mobile home? It costs about $5000 to move a mobile home. Are you willing to take that risk? What if it does not meet regulations and the county requires you to remove it?

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    Harris County, Georgia or Harris County, Texas?

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    there are a number of subjects with cellular homes. The variables incorporate the state you reside in besides as community ordinance. whether it particularly is seen a "cellular homestead" then the registration and taxation circulate in the process the County Treasurers workplace by means of the dep. of motor vehicle registration. comparable as autos, automobiles, and boats. whether it particularly is on plenty remote from a park and is on a commencing place then it particularly is in the process the county clerks workplace. you are able to draw up a stop Deed and ask your Aunt to sign it, yet while she has some reason she would not choose it out of her call you need to handle those concerns. in spite of who ended up with the trailer you or her they'd or won't be an inheritance tax yet that could have surpassed off the 1st tax season after the demise of your Uncle. yet i do no longer think of there is certainly one of those challenge as inheritance tax on a trailer; probable the county could require the hot "proprietor" to pay a revenues tax cost for circulate of possession. you do no longer point out how previous you're or why its certainly one of those worry on your Aunt to have her call on it. perhaps you go with to sell it and she or he would not think of that's an exceedingly stable thought??? Regardless, until eventually she is prepared to sign it over or take her call off the registration there is not any longer plenty you're able to do.

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    You are doing this backwards. It will be much more cost effective to get the permit, then move the MH on. Doing it in reverse will get the ire of the local planning department and you could be facing some stiff penalties.

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    you will probably have to check with the county about regulations of such an addition

    there are health problems that need to be addressed

    is this going to be used for continual use or just occasional?

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