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What is wrong with my cat?!?!?

This is a serious question - the details may make you think otherwise, but really, I'm for real!

My cat is 26 lbs. He has been seen by the vet and he is healthy. He doesn't eat too much, he is just a big guy - too big to properly clean himself. We have to take him to the groomers often to get him a bath and a hair cut. I have tried bathing him myself and it just is too hard. Anyways, lately, he has been pooping ALL OVER the room that his litter box is in. We had this problem a couple years back, but got him a ginormous litter box that he would fit well in and he has been fine since . . . until about 2 weeks ago. We clean his box every day, or at least every other, so it isn't that it is too full to go in there. I have no idea why he is all of a sudden doing this after 7 yrs!!! any suggestions? It is bad enough that we gets streaks all over the place since he is too big to clean himself, but now we have double the messes and it is driving us crazy!!!

Thanks in advance!


I already switched his food a year ago to felidae for senior and overweight cats, and he only eats one bowl every three days. He is lazy though. He is a big, fat, orange furball like Garfield.

Update 2:

He is 7. We have used the same litter his whole life. My husband moved his food and water over there and it was there for a day or so and I told him that was gross and to move it back. That was around when it started - but his food isn't there anymore. Could that be it? His litterbox isn't full.

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    He may have a problem with his anal glands. If one or more is impacted or infected, he may not be doing this to tick you off- he may be in pain. A UTI may be doing it also. Call your vet and talk to his nurse (NOT the secretary!) and tell her what's going on. Ask if he can see him within at least a week. If an anal gland is infected, it can lead to peritonitis and that kills! I've had it, I know.

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    did you change litters?????also if it is too full or (well at least with my cat has more than two turds piccky cat of mine).he may not want to use it or if it is by his food cats wont go were they eat....or mabe he is getting lazy and you should help him lose weight with diet.....

    I would get him a checkup

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    well how old is your cat? Cause my old cat bubba started peeing and pooping uncontrollably before he died

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