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need to find records in Mexico? Does anyone know of a special online database dating back to the early 1900's?

need to trace my grandfather's information for my mother, she never met him, and now she needs info about his past for medical reasons, and legal reasons. Anyone with information is greatly appreciated. He lived in Texas for many years but he was born in Mexico, but just don't know where. The names of his children Domingo Duran, Justo Duran, Maria Elena Duran, Juan Duran, Flumencio Duran, Pedro Duran, Dario Duran, Lorenza Duran. His first wife's name is Diega Centeno Duran and his second wife's name is Juana Infante Melendez. He died in 1988 in Corpus Christi. He grew up in Mexico. Please if anyone has information, please answer

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    Favorite Answer is a good website to search records from Mexico - early 1900s census, church and vital records. If you don't know his date of birth, you'll probably need to search US records first - immigration, marriage, death records.

    Genealogy forums are a great place to find information from people that are willing to help you with your search . The best advice I can give you is to edit your question and at least include the most important detail - your Grandfather's name?

    Or better yet, click on this link for tips on good posts at Ted Pack's website to see if there is anything else you could add to get the most from your question. I'll check back to see if I can help.

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    For dwelling persons, it relatively is constrained education. somebody who's ineffective interior the U. S., will purely approximately continuously be on the social protection loss of existence index.. except they died purely before 1960ish. you may desire to be specific. What works for one man or woman will in high quality condition something purely like the ssdi.. for yet another guy or woman, it won't. in the event that they died till now start or loss of existence certs have been required, then you definately shift to such issues as tombstones or census. there is not any "one length fits all". it relatively is the project of studying.

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