bleach on hands plz help?

ok im really scared i was just washing something with bleach and i wasnt wearing gloves, thn my mom came in screaming saying tht it can absorb into ur skiin and go straight to ur liver. im really scared, i washed my hands immediatley but wat do i do. im really scared so plz tell me, wat will happen if i dont wear gloves when working with bleach

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    You washed it off straight away, it hasn't hurt you, don't panic!

    Even if it was straight out of the bottle and you washed it off it will be OK. If it was diluted for washing, take heart. I have washed dishcloths in diluted bleach for years and my liver is still working well.I never wear gloves. Drinking water is disinfected with chlorine, and so are swimming pools. It is the chlorine gas from bleach that is more likely to be dangerous. So don't breathe in huge amounts by sniffing the bottle and don't drink it. Wash off concentrated stuff immediately but don't be afraid of a dilute solution on your hands.

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    Don't worry. You will be fine. :O) I have never heard of bleach going straight to your liver. Would I soak my hands in bleach every day? Absolutely not. It is very strong stuff, like any other cleaner/chemical. If you are going to use it and put your hands in it, be sure it is diluted with water. You did not say if you used it straight or not.

    Oh, and one more thing ...always read the label on any product before using it.

  • I've washed dishes with bleach for years(I usually wear gloves though) and I'm just fine, the worse case scenario is that your skin gets irritated and dried from the bleach. Just be more careful you'll be fine

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    Rinse your skin for quite a while (15 minutes or so). This is what it says on the Clorox website

    I've used bleach for years and have not had any problems after getting it on my skin. Skin on hands is pretty tough unless you have particular allergies and that will show up fairly quickly.

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    When using any detergent always wear gloves. Otherwise rinse, rinse and rinse again with cold water, then wash with soap. After that moisterise with Vaseline.

  • Um..just put on some gloves the next time! We don't want to find out what will really happen now do we?!?! Ok, seriously. I don't think you can die from it.

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