Does anyone have a good title for a teen romance?

Im writing a story about a girl in college who meets the best pro qb in the nation and they fall in love. i dont know what to use for the title so plz help me!! Thank you so much! and please keep it clean


o and it takes place in the University of Florida if that helps...

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    •• A Quarter Past ••

    - a play on the word Quarterback, and perhaps there is a continued motif of time and "passing"

    •• The Tail of the Shooting Star ••

    - Maybe the quarterback's nickname is Shooting Star, because of how he throws the ball and also how he got to be so famous so quickly. And of course, in his wake is this girl... Shooting stars are so fleeting: brilliant, but fleeting, and maybe she sees herself as the one who will be there even when the flame of stardom burns out. It also has the feeling of a "tale", or a story.

    •• Our X's and O's ••

    - For him, it represents all of the plays he must keep in his head... for her, it represents hugs and kisses, and the story is about the balance of those two huge elements. It'd be great if each of their "exes" comes into play, his ex-girlfriend and her ex-boyfriend... because the title sounds like it contains "our exes"

    •• Fumble ••

    - A nice, simple title that can have a lot of meaning to relationships and to football.

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    All The Way

    Brain Meets Brawn

    Pi and Pigskin

    Tackle My Heart

    The Game of Love

    Superbowl of Love

    Turf Love

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    What I would do is write the story and then think of the story title form the events in the book.

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    quarter back, then if you publish it you can have a state quarter on the cover, turned so you see the state on the "back"

    the state could also be the state the story is based in

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  • chuck
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    How about Twilight. But then the teens must be Vampires, is that possible?

  • provide more info on your story so i could think of one..

    it would help a lot

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    Lucky Me?

  • 1 decade ago


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