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Are there anunnaki/anunaki or aliens among us now?

or do they come later? maybe 2012? or what? we are mixed breeded with them from long ago.. so maybe some survived? and they are among us now? is it true we cant really tell the difference? they look human ? maybe even some of us are and dont know it.. cuz thats tracing bloodlines way back?

is that why they want us all to send our saliva in? for dna testing? just curious.

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    The anunnaki were amongst the negative ET*s who originally took over our world many thousands of years ago, genetically altered our DNA from 12 strand to the current 2 strand, set up the negative societal system we still *enjoy* today, but came over to the Light in 1995 in accord with the Divine Plan..

    Currently there is a shift in consciousness which is beginning to raise our consciousness from 3D back to it*s original state of 5D, which is why everything has begun to change on Earth, from us, our planet, our weather and even time itself, which is speeding by ever faster, as in 5D, which we will finally move to at the end of 2012, we experience time very differently..

    This change of consciousness is very important and now, since 2001, NOTHING which might push the operation off track is being permitted by Heaven, for we have positive ET*s working on Heaven*s and our behalf protecting us from the most extreme attempts that our secret government is trying to do in spreading fear and harm in it*s attempt to maintain it*s power over us, but that is now breaking down and will do so completely in the coming couple of years..People will be shocked and horrified when they realize what has really been going on in the corridors of power!

    There are many ET*s on Earth currently, mostly the positive ones to assist with this shift in consciousness, for it affects every level, but a few are here (all in human form) to witness and learn from these changes, and a very few dark ones including some of our rulers (some shapeshifters) are here to cause problems, but they are fighting a losing battle now as will soon become public knowledge!

    Humans did NOT evolve from apes and are not native to Earth, so effectively we are ALL ET*s or *aliens*, a word I hate!

    Far from negative happenings occurring in 2012, we are moving towards the beginning of a new golden age, which will positively influence every aspect of our lives!

    The final *battle* between the old dark *annunaki minions* who still control our world, but not for much longer, and the Light forces under the control of Heaven is now nearing it*s end, and the outcome, a victory for the Light, is now inevitable, so keep your thoughts positive, for your thoughts are powerful and have effect on the bigger picture!

    Ive been into things spiritual for over four decades now, and in 1992 I asked for and received a physical visitation from three non human very loving Pleiadian ET*s who talked about the help that humanity needs, and the changes, now begun, which will change our society greatly for the better by 2012..

    We will eventually be reunited with our Star brethren, but very much the loving kind that loves humans and desire us again to become part of God*s greater Galactic *Family*, which sadly Christians are so ignorant about!..Knowing this *truth* DOES set us free!

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    They are just fallen angels who want you to think they are aliens. They are ashamed of what they are... Cast down demons

    Demons are fallen angels, angels who rebelled against God. Demons are evil, deceptive, and destructive. According to 2 Corinthians 11:14-15, demons masquerade as “angels of light” and as “servants of righteousness.” Appearing as a “ghost” and impersonating a deceased human being definitely is a disguise that demons use. Also the do healings to trick you as well as alien disguises.

    !st look at Lucifer.

    The father of ALL lies.

    His goal is deception.

    He hates us and since he cant beat God he wants to take us with him to hell. Just ponder this for a minute.

    You can see for yourself they flee in Jesus name- this is the best way to banish them.

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    Annunaki Among Us

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