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dodgers vs. cardinals post season preview?

well it looks like it will be billingsley vs boggs....carp vs. na....and wainwright vs. kershaw.

how do u think this series will play out?

and what would you think if pineiro would get skipped tonight against the padres in favor of a bullpin start..(could call up a fresh arm like Matthew Scherer 3.02 , or Royce Ring 2.41, or Oneli Perez 2.63) and go with joel in the first game against the dodgers. cards would have more of a chance of winning them all, cardinals have a good team i'd like to see them make something happen. is that a little over managing? it's something short of asking carpenter to move up a day on short rest. i kinda like the idea and i think the bullpin can beat the Padres (49-68)

also do you see these teams playing for the league champion in october?

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    according to YSports...its Billingsley vs Carpenter (Tony LaRussa moved his start up a day bc of an off day) then Boggs vs Weaver then Wainwright vs Kershaw.

    If the last 4 game series was any idication...it'll be a close matchup but I think the cards squeak by with 2 out of 3.

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    Cards destroyed the Dodgers in the last series, but I think now that the Dodgers are at home it will change. Dodgers will have game one against Boggs. Idk about Carp's game since we dont know who's pitching. Waino I think will get roughed up a bit but the Cards will win the series 2-1

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    I think the Cardinals will go to the World Series along with the Yankees. The Cardinals have a great offense and defense. They have a powerful line up with Pujols, Holliday, Derosa, Lugo and other big hitters. They have great pitching. I think they have potential to go to the World Series if they continue to play well.

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    i think the cardinals would win because no matter how good the dodgers are they always choke against the cardinals.

    Coming from a Dodgers fan :'(

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    Cardinals win

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Dodgers lose to Philly

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