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Tyson Kidd and DH Smith proved they have the potential too...?

This Thursday, DH Smith defeaed John Morrison and on Friday DH Smith and Kidd defeated Jeff Hardy.

Do you think The Heart dynasty have the potential to defeat DX?

Why does Natalya stand ringside perving on Tyson Kidd every match?

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    they have all the potential in the world. im not really that big on dh smith he hasnt really done anything to impress me but tyson kidd really impresses me. he is a great athlete and im glad that they are gettiing pushes because they are a great tag team and i wanna see they so far in the wwe. i definitely think that the heart dynasty can beat dx. if legacy can get a clean victory over triple h then the hart dynasty can definitely get put in the category in defeating triple h even shawn michaels.

    thats natalyas man in real life so i guess she sticks by him.

  • John Morrison wins not David Hart Smith and yes The Hart Dynasty did defeated DX

    No, Triple H and Shawn are championship material and they will go after Jerishow for the Tag team titles or surprisingly turn heel and fued with Cryme Tyme.

    Natayla is Kidd's real girlfriend

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    No so smith and kidd defeated jeff hardy because he was injured

    the heart dynasty cant defeat DX of course if thats the first match DX is going to be in yeah they will win because their new and anyways DX has been around longer and HHH and HBK have been in longer and anyways DX rocks

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    Actually, the main reason why they beat Hardy was because the match was in Canada. If the match was set in North Carolina, it would be a sure-fire Hardy victory.

    Also, Morrison defeated Smith, even though the match was in Canada.

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    Maybe, but they'll never be as good as Jimmy Neidhart, The Hart Foundation and The British Bulldog. Those 4 are legends and me thinks the only reason 'The Hart Dynasty' got into the WWE is because of their relatives, none of them can wrestle.

    Plus, Natalya is dating Tyson Kidd/TJ Wilson and has been for, like, almost 8 years so she can perv on her bf if she wants.

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    DH Smith is going to be pushed as a main eventer in the future. Sadly, they probably won't push Kidd because of his size. Stupid.

  • how does John Morrison beating DH smith, and then them winning a 2 on 1 match against an "Injured" superstar show they have potential??

    Nobody has the Potential to defeat DX unless HHH is ok with it considering he has major clout in the meetings...

    shes porkin the little crown wearing whiney sissy boy, someone has to be the man in the relationship and perv on the other in public...

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  • I like Jeff Hardy because he is younger than Matt and I like the young people

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    dey suck lyk u jeff was injured

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    r u fool?morrison won dh smith.

    no one has potential.its all fake.

    natalya is stupid.kidd is pathetic.

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