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How big would a chihuahua pit bull mix get?

I have a chi pit mix puppy wondering how big he will get

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    Unless it was done by Artificial insemination and the pit bull was actually registered I do not see this happening. There is absolutely no reason to breed these two breeds, and very costly and expensive to do so. With all the scum bag backyard breeders, I can see them using mutts calling them chibulls to make money or silly naive buyers.

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    That is a very difficult question to answer. Since it is a mixed breed, there are chi-pit mixes that are only 10 lbs, and ones all the way up tp 40. It is really determined by which dog's genes were dominant in that particular egg or sperm. You can chi-pit mixes from the same litter vary greatly in size.

    Yes, I have seen chi-pit mixes on petfinder.com, and if you google images, you can find some, so whoever said its impossible really doesn't understand the logistics of breeding, and those two breeds. Improperly bred chihuahuas can be larger then the 3-6 lbs standard, and pit bulls have been known to be as small as 22 lbs, but usually fall into the 35-55 range.

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    Chihuahua Pitbull Mix

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    Pitbull Chihuahua Mix

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    because it's a mix there really won't be much information on it. I certainly hope no one did this purposely. However, I have met one here in NYC and he was perfectly fine. However, pits are very stranger friendly and chi's are often stranger wary so I found he was a bit more aloof than I might have expected. He was also more equivalent to a beagle in size, maybe a little bigger. edit... per some of the other comments, the mix can happen so long as the pit was the mother and believe me a little guy can mate with a larger female without any problems if allowed to.

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    My baby is a mini dachshund mixed with shar pei. Both parents are full blooded and he is very small. My vet told me that when mixing the two you do not just get the average of both weights... each pup will have a seperate mix of genetics and by the time they are a few months old will look completely different that the other pups in the litter.

    My dogs sister is around 40 lbs... our baby weighed 23 lbs a few days ago. Obviously the pup will not grow to be as big as a pitt or a small as the chi but you can expect anything from around 15-40 lbs.

    *** Ear size, foot size, etc. are NEVER indicators of how large a dog will get. Bassett hounds do not get huge and their ears touch the ground. These characteristics are just part of the breed of dog and there are small dogs with large feet and very large dogs with tiny feet. Albi (our dog) has huge feet for his size and teeeny tiny shar pei ears. He is barely over a foot tall.

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    We have one. Gorgeous gentle little boy! He's not a year yet.. He's 25 lbs right now of straight muscle. Probably won't get much bigger, probably around 30 lbs! (: hope this helps.

  • a chihuahua and a pit bull doing the business. that would def be one worth the watching lol

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    Considering the size of each dog, it would be impossible to have a Chihuahua mixed with a pit bull.

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      I do too. Just need a determined male chihuahua! Our chipit is just too perfect!

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    From as small as 4pounds to as big as 110pounds

    I say probably in middle, about 50pounds, you can't tell with mixed breeds

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