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Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 1 decade ago

Husband wants to name our daughter Bertha Florida?

So, my husbands has a tradition that all of his brothers and sister have abided by, which is naming there first daughter after there great grandma, which is nice except her nam was Bertha FLorida-Bertha is dated ugly and sounds like a large wmans name, and Florida-ick I hate n,aing children after states, my husbadns famil thinks I am the devil for not wanting to name my daughter, (due date is in 2 weeks)Bertha Florida, hw won`t even compromise, like having her middle name florida or bertha, I really wanted to name her Paige Mckenzie, but he will not even compromise what should I do. Oh and for the record I never demanded we name her after my great grandma -Myrtle lois...UGH


lol, his moms name Brunhilda but thanks

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    Don't let your husband do that? Tell him to think about your child having to grow up with a name like that. The kid will be teased not she might she WILL. And your daughter will probably hate you for naming her something so stupid. (No offence to Bertha or anything). I think you and your husband should come to a compromise. It's part of being a couple. It's your baby to name just as much as it is his. You could name her after a great grandmother on the opposite side of his family. Or maybe one of your great grandmother's. Tell him that you two need to come to a compromise because it's your baby too and you're not going to be naming it Bertha Florida but you are prepared to compromise.

    If worse comes to worse just refuse to sign the birth certificate when she's born just refuse to sign it. He'll have to compromise then won't he? And about his family. Don't worry about them. It's not their baby to name and they need to accept that. not everyone likes to go with tradition and it's the kid that's going to have to live with the name their whole life not any of them. Sometimes it's good to break a tradition and they need to ask themselves would they like to be called Bertha Florida? The names don't even flow and what kind of names are those? I certainly wouldn't want to be called that.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Do you think he will budge if you suggest actually naming her Bertha but putting 'Paige McKenzie' as the two middle names and just call her Paige? After all, Bertha WILL be the name on her birth certificate, but your child can always go by a different name later in life.

    That being said, I only suggested that for both your husband's sake and your own, but my own personal opinion is that the name is absolutely horrible for a baby girl - no offense, but I can't stand the name Bertha. It's just... eeww, - anyway, you two have to come to a decision and fast if you're due in 2 weeks, that baby can't go 6 months without having a name.

    I'm on your side on this one, Paige McKenzie is a beautiful name. Stand up to him and don't back down until he agrees. Your child simply cannot have a name like Bertha Florida, it should be against the law to even name your kid after a state!

  • lb
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    Paige Bertha Florida McKenzie(Last name) use all of them

    you can have many middle names

  • 1 decade ago

    Point out to your husband that if your child is one of the bigger girls at school...or even if shes not chances are her nickname will be "Big Bertha"...that's the first thing I thought of at least! Seriously you canNOT inflict that on your child!

    What about Mackenzie Florida? Or choose another relatives name that you like? like his Mum's perhaps? to keep the family on side (and then you can take credit for starting a NEW family tradition :-)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Just say "I don't want to fight over this, but I should have my say in our baby's name. I don't want to seem like the bad guy for ruining tradition but I really don't want to call my daughter that. She's my daughter too, not just yours."

    If that doesn't work you just say, "I've carried her for 9 months, put up with the kicking, the morning sickness and will go through childbirth yet you get to name her. Is that really fair? I refuse to put Bertha Florida on her birth certificate because I despise that name."


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I feel so bad for you. I'm sure you don't wanna look like the bad guy in that family.Or upset your husband but I'm sorry I can't blame you that name is ugly. Use florida as a middle name if you have too but still nothing will go with it. My dad wanted my mom to call me burnadette ugh I hate that name. Thank goodness my mom didn't listen to him lol. Now you do the same.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well u know wot I think?

    Well just name ur daughter

    Paige-Mckenzie (joined name)

    for 1st name.

    then Bertha Florida Bertha for her

    second name.

    or Put the Bertha name for her

    1st then Paige name for her second.

    But the twist in that is that u

    call ur princess by her second name.

    so whichever way u call her Paige-Mckenzie

  • Bertha is always the name i use when i'm like... "well at least your not naming it Bertha"...

    Not a very good name for a kid

    Florida would be better cause at leats you could call her Flo

  • 1 decade ago

    I think Bertha Florida is terrible :(

    You need to convince him to compromise.

  • 1 decade ago

    Name her Paige Mckenzie! do it for your little are SO bad for making fun of weird names and that's a weird name! tell your man to suck it up lol your the one that had to carry her for 9 months and get sick! so you have the right to name her what you want!

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