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If you could have a stable who would you want in it + BQ?

BQ: What current WWE superstar(s) would be good to be in DX?

BQ2: If the Hart Dynasty joined force with Legacy would it be a good combination or a disaster?

BQ3: Who is the better Randy Orton or Jeff Hardy?

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    In my stable I would have:

    Edge - Leader

    Randy Orton

    Chris Jericho

    John Morrison

    Big Show

    This would be the ultimate stable with a combination of size, strength, athletics, cleverness, opportunistic, dominant, technical, & brutalness.

    BQ: I reckon that John Cena & Jeff Hardy would be two superstars who have the most chance of joining DX. This is because these two are very controversial and charismatic, and can be very funny and entertaining to watch alot of the time. This is alot like HBK & HHH, also Hardy & Cena are both top faces like DX are, and know how to work well together and give performances like DX. So for all of this, I would go with Cena & Hardy joining DX if they looked for some new members.

    BQ2: I think it would actually go quite good because Legacy & The Hart Dynasty both are very young and and have started of brilliantly in WWE. They have similair wrestling abilities and always have championship gold on their minds. They do whatever they can to get what they want and have already shown they can work well in stables by beating some great opponents. So I think that they would work really well together and be very sucessfull as a stable.

    BQ3: I go with Randy Orton because he is an all-round better wrestler than Jeff in the ring, and is very clever and well-scouted in the ring. Orton has some great experience for his age and has beaten some great top stars already and made some great impacts against them. Orton is great at everything that revolves around wrestling and always brings his A-Game. So for all of this I am going with Randy Orton.

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    I would make a stable and call it 'The Young Bloods'.

    I would have John Morrison(as a heel) as it's leader and the other members being Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase, Jack Swagger and Tyson Kidd.

    They would make a huge impact on WWE programming.

    BQ- I would like to see The Miz, Chris Jericho, Kane(possibly) and Beth Phoniex added.

    BQ2: A good combination, because it could dominate both brands, but it may not tirn out so well...

    BQ- Randy Orton

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    I would want Chris Jericho as the leader, Jack Swagger as the enforcer and Motor City Machine Guns as the tag team.

    No one because DX shouldn't come back because Triple H needs to turn heel and I do not want to see a bunch of 40 year olds acting like 20 year olds.

    Diaster. Hart Dynasty is fine on their own while Legacy is being pushed like **** and I cannot wait until Ted DiBiase is out of there.

    Orton by far because Hardy is a glorified spot-monkey and has not had one match that is memorable that didn't involve ladders.

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    I would want Triple H, Shawn, Stephanie, Shane, Matt, Jeff, Taker, Kane, Mickie, Michelle and Hornswoggle. Massive Stable

    BQ: I don't think any would, DX is Shawn and Triple H (or X-Pac, Mr *** and Billy Gunn)

    BQ2: I think it might be a good combination... maybe there would be too many egos.

    BQ3: Randy is. I don't like him but he is a better wrestler.

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    I would have: Edge, Christian and Evan Bourne.

    BQ: Edge, Christian or Chris Jericho (Face).

    BQ2: Good Combination, though they'd probably turn on each other.

    BQ3: Randy Orton.

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    bq 1 Hurricane Helms - he ware green

    bq2 maybe a good comination

    bq3 orton

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    1.chris jericho or joh morrison would be great additions to DX!!!



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