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房屋署既technical assistant,實際做d咩?

請問房屋署既technical assistant,實際做d咩?

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    以下是 JobsDB 找到的內容. 但係實際上的工作可能跟何博士所講既一樣.

    Contract Technical Assistant CTA(BS) shall work in the Housing Authority Headquarter or in any other office of the Housing Department / Hong Kong Housing Authority or in any site office as directed.


    Assist Contract Manager’s Representative in carrying out site checking, site inspection and Coordination of works, site measurement, records keeping and other duties as directed by Contract Manager’s Representative.

    Qualification /Experience:

    A Diploma or Higher Certificate in either Building Services, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering from the Hong Kong Polytechnic / Polytechnic University or an accepted institute of vocational education or equivalent, and with experience field.

    Possession of proficient skill in Auto CAD, WORD and EXCEL.

    2009-08-17 22:19:44 補充:

    主要係地盤工作, 走走笛笛.

    幫阿 sir 傳話.

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    如果係我話, 睡醒等返工, 上班等早餐, 然後睇報紙, 午間等吃飯, 然後談談天, 下午等飲茶, 最後等放工.

    你唔信? 自己睇睇.

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