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經由敝司調查結果,造成貴司耐壓異常問題,應是雙方測試條件不同導致,因VDC1000V換算成VAC為750V左右,敝司出貨測試耐壓條件為VDC 1000Min,貴司是否是以VAC 1000測試耐壓呢?

如貴司是使用VAV1000V測試耐壓,因敝司出貨是合乎SPEC的規範(VDC 1000MIN)敝司恐怕無法認同貴司所提及的賠款相關事宜,但後續出貨物料,會請塗裝廠商加厚塗層部分,以達到貴司對耐壓的要求,謝謝

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    Dear sirs,


    From our company's investigation, we found the unusual problem of pressure-

    resistance must have been resulted from different testing conditions of both

    companies, because VDC1000V is equal to about 750V if converted into VAG.

    敝司出貨測試耐壓條件為VDC 1000Min,貴司是否是以VAC 1000測試耐壓呢?

    Our company's testing condition is set to VDC1000Min. May we know if

    yours is the same?

    如貴司是使用VAV1000V測試耐壓,因敝司出貨是合乎SPEC的規範(VDC 1000MIN)敝司恐怕無法認同貴司所提及的賠款相關事宜,

    If your company uses VAV1000V to test pressure-resistance, we are afraid

    that we can't accept your terms of indemnity because our company delivers

    goods according to the rules of SPEC.


    However, we will ask the packing factory to add more paint in order to meet

    your requirements for pressure-resistance. Thanks.

    PS 專有名詞的部分可能必須修改,例如耐壓和塗裝

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    Dear customer:

    Takes charge of the survey result by way of my, creates the expensive department pressure resistance unusual problem, should be both sides test condition causes differently, because VDC1000V converts VAC is about 750V, my takes charge of produces goods the test pressure resistance condition is VDC 1000Min, whether the expensive department is by VAC 1000 test pressure resistance?

    If the expensive department uses the VAV1000V test pressure resistance, because perhaps my takes charge of produces goods is conforms with SPEC the standard (VDC 1000MIN) my to take charge of is unable the indemnity related matters concerned which approves the expensive department to mention, but following produces goods the material, please do paint the manufacturer to thicken the coating part, will achieve the expensive department to the pressure resistance request, will thank .

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