Anyone has a gambling system that really works?

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    Heres the scoop on gambling "systems" and valid methods of beating certain games found in casinos.

    For starters, there are many many many "betting systems" one thing to take not of, is that in ANY GAME, the amoutn of money in the betting circle, doesnt effect the odds of the game. It may seem incredibly obvious when pointed out liek this, but the game will not be convinced to allow you to win simply because the chips you are betting are a different color than the ones bet previously. All of these systems, like progressive betting systems etc, are bogus, and dont effect the odds in any game, they do shift odds in a way that im not getting into, but Its not in your interest.

    Games that are BEATABLE by skill or strategy.



    -Baccarrat ****methods may be illegal

    -Progressive Slot machines


    -Roullette ****Methods may be illegal


    -Blackjack is one of the most commonly attacked games because in comparison to beating other games its much simpler. Blackjack is beatabel by counting cards yeilding a player advantage of 0.7-1.5% Additionally, blackjack is beatable by holecarding, shuffle tracking, spooking, and card sequencing. These methods are less common.

    -Spanish 21 is also beatable in the same manor, but the games are not the same and require different approaches.

    -Baccarrat is beatble by counting cards for the tie bet. It si also beatable by player collusion, which is illegal.

    -Progressive slot machines are beatable by playing machines with progressive payouts high enough to push the return percentage of the game beyond 100%. While the math is sound here, ultimately the odds of hitting a progressive jackpot are so small, that a player may never hit it in his/her lifetime, so this game is not a game of choice for somebody seeking constant income. Never the less, it is beatable.

    -Craps is beatable by something known as "dice control" which is an approach never proven or disproven, but is sound in principal. Basicaly it is a method of holding, and tossing the dice which in an attempt to maintain the dice rolling on the same axise has the effect of making rolls of certain numbers more and less likely than they would be if the dice were rolled randomly. Players bet accordingly and reap profits. In the advent of diamond studs on backwalls of dice tables, this tactic is thought to be no longer feasable.

    -Roullette is beatable by "wheel timing" which, typically using the aid of computer, times the speed of the ball around the wheel, and the speed of the wheel itself, to make an accurate prediction of where the ball will land. Timing computers can typically predict where the ball will land to an accuracy of about 1:10. Since the payout for a single number of 35:1, this method is extremely effective. Unfortunately, the use of computers to aide in gambling, is illegal in most jurisdictions.

    -Latsly i will include poker and sports betting, I know little/nothing about them so i cant eleaborate, but it is my undertsanding that they are exploitable for profit.

    Source(s): Myself, Professional Blackjack player
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  • 1 decade ago

    There are two kinds of gambling games, the ones that are beatable by optimal play and the ones that aren't beatable. Most casino games are the unbeatable kind, such as slots, roulette, craps, pai gow, wheel of fortune, and the like. The only really beatable game you'll find in a casino is poker, and possibly blackjack. Blackjack is a game that could be beatable under optimum conditions but usually is not. That is to say, usually they shuffle too frequently, use multiple decks, and even shuffle every time the count gets positive. Still, if you understand blackjack well enough you might be able to find some games with conditions that were beatable. Another couple of possibly beatable kinds of gambling are horse racing, or sport betting. This is why, now think about this, there are professional sport bettors and horse bettors and lots of professional poker players and even a few blackjack players, but in the whole wide world there is not a single professional craps shooter or professional roulette player. There is nothing you can do to make your odds be in your favor with those games. And with the beatable games, it is not easy to win. Even poker which is probably the easiest to beat of all of those is an incredible amount of work. Of course, if you love poker (or horse racing, or sport betting) you might not consider it work, but it is. Another kind of "gambling" that can be beat is tournaments for skill games such as scrabble and chess, or physical contests like iron man triathalons. Each entrant pays a certain amount of money which goes into a prize pool, and the money is awarded to the winner or winners.

    To summarize: betting systems for roulette, craps, wheel of fortune, and most if not all other table games do not work.

    Betting systems for blackjack, horse racing, and sports betting may work but would be extremely complex and take many things into account. Betting systems for poker, also complex, takes many factors into account, but definitely have a high chance of success.

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  • 4 years ago

    All the hard work in making earning forecasts based on a multitude of applicable, recent facets is done for you with the Zcodes System from here . You merely place your bets on the alternatives the system gives you and watch your winnings improve like by secret!

    A good thing about Zcodes is the new done-for-you systems. They're established development lines that take most of the guesswork out of betting.

    If you're looking to produce some critical cash with sports investing, this is the best spot to start. You can take activity betting to a next level.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The Word "system" is such a broad stroke of paint on a canvas that it usually gets everyone's attention. Problem is some people get excited as if there is a holy grail to unlock or discover about gambling. The rest of the masses roll their eyes like you just said you saw bigfoot, as odds are you are just another salesman trying to pitch a get rick quick scheme

    when you say system - you need to narrow it down. Games that have independent results like craps and roulette, there is NO method of strategy that can turn what is a house favored game into a player favored game. These games is it possible to win? YES - but you dont hear about craps and roulette players playing 20 hour sessions. Why because the probability is GREAT that the casino will take all their money!

    Blackjack is the only game in the casino where the game is dependent upon what just happened. This is getting harder and harder with continuous shufflers, and other rigged rules, but blackjack is possible to beat if you know how to count cards, but the edge is small at best. Bottom line for blackjack your mostly favored to win if you have 19+ on first two cards - unless dealer has 5 or 6 up you are favored to LOSE!

    If your Not counting cards at blackjack, blackjack is the biggest casino money maker because it gives you the player the illusion of control, where in all honesty most decisions the player makes either way your not favored to get desired result, resulting in casino taking your money!

    other games like sports and poker - are weird breeds for systems- poker is beatable as your playing the other players and if your talented enough you can beat them over the long haul. Unfortunately for poker most people cant explain what they do at any given moment, or the great players really cant explain a "system" that the masses can use, most great players just have a feel and know and they react and calculate odds on the spot in their head given any situation. But you could argue there is a system in their heads as some poker players make a great living YEAR after YEAR. In fact Poker is The #1 game for professional gamblers.

    As for Sports Betting - system and trends are REALLY over-used in sports. There is a ton of information out there these days regarding sports the problem is deciding whats useful information and what has no value. One game can have system or trends suggesting BOTH teams are in a situation suggesting they are at an 80% chance to win. So what do you believe? There are factors in sports that are reliable year after year, people like to over-state that one thing or factor isn't enough to make a bet on a game, well depends on the situation. Sometimes one thing is enough to make a bet as more often than not teams overachieve or underachieve given the SAME Situation!

    Now remembering certain human elements - poker and sports are beatable mostly because its not about cards and games with balls - these two are games of people. you need to understand people and their tendencies, highs and lows, in sports you need to know the mind game between expert and public - more than you need to know who has the better run game!

    In this regard there are systems that work, systems for the most part are over-rated because everyone when they look for systems or try to invent systems are trying to find the holy grail - something that NEVER losses. Its almost impossible when your dealing with people to not have the exception to the rule! But it doesnt mean that its impossible to rely on situations that can and will win you money following them every single year!!!!

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  • 4 years ago

    Place your bets to get is simple with the Zcodes System from here .

    Zcodes System is a really appropriate program because the forecasts are created by considering up many relevant factors; the reliability of the predicted effect is extremely high.

    You would think it is extremely difficult to factor in therefore many factors and make the forecast as effectively by yourself for only one sporting occasion, aside from a whole day's betting's worth.

    Zcodes is consistently being updated.  It's no e-book.  It's an income, breathing, sports investing system.  

    Zcodes System does the difficult do the job because is just a system that hold it fresh.

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  • 1 decade ago

    My father's advice was:

    Learn at least 2 popular "gambling" card games well.

    Become skilled in them.

    Play ONLY those games.

    Never take any more than you can afford to lose with you, as you can't win ALL the time.

    Learn HOW cheating is done; NOT to cheat, but to spot when you are being cheated, so you can leave the game.

    Worked for me!!

    Source(s): retired professional gambler.
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  • 1 decade ago

    No, The odds are against you if you are gambling. Black jack is your best bet. Learn it and learn it well. I go to the casino thinking I have this much and I plan on spending this much. If I get lucky an win more then good for me. If I lose it all then that was the price of going out an having a good time. Try to make the money last a certain amount of time rather than losing it all at once.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    ABSOLUTELY YES ! Sadly, you will never know it though because it is a closely guarded secret known only to a few mega-rich Blackjack Whales and casino owners who use it to earn millions funded by the billions in losses by unskilled recreational players. Of course their methods will never be divulged as it would be self defeating. You can buy in to this elite circle for the cost of one average low bet of $100,000 after thorough vetting and initiation. Once accepted you can never leave alive. If you are serious , bring large unmarked bills, meet me at the corner of south and main at 10:00 pm. Come alone. Wait for further instructions from the homeless Nigerian businessman on a bicycle.

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  • 4 years ago

    -Playing strategy in video poker -Card counting in blackjack -Card counting in baccarat -Card counting in spanish 21 -holecarding in blackjack -Shuffle tracking in blackjack -Shuffle tracking in spanish 21 -Card sequencing in blackjack -Hustling large progressive jackpots on slot machines -Detecting wheel bias on roulette wheels -Hustling casino promotions such as match plays or promotional betting terms -Dice control in craps All of the above systems, will work, or have worked successfully in the past, among them, dice control, and wheel bias in roulette are not applicable in modern casinos as they have security measures against them now. Dice control may still be possible, but nobody really knows for sure, its a theory, and its almost impossiblt to prove or disprove, the theory is sound in principal though. Husting progressive jackpots is not a gauranteed win, since you would need to play trillions of trials, however the odds will be in your favor. In general, the only game that is still readily beatable is blackjack and spanish 21, most professional players play poker, but that really isn't a casino game. All of the other "professionals" use betting systems that don't really work at all, if a player calls himself a professional roulette player, or craps player, or he/she plays any other game in addition to blackjack, they are not a professional gambler. Any system that instructs you to keep track fo wins and losses and bet accordingly, is NOT a valid system, such information has no effect on odds of the game. Most systems are bogus, but there are legitament ways to beat games.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Only way to prove what I can say is to test it at the tables. I personally do not know how it is done but I know someone who does. He was one of 8 Asians banned in our casino and was a former lead counter for a notorious counting syndicate that was also banned in almost all casino here in Australia. He is now laying low in Manila, Philippines, from what I know, since the group disbanded in 1999. Email him, maybe he'd be willing to help. he's a nice guy. send me an email so I can refer you to him.

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