1996 Chrysler LHS Factory Radio Not Finding FM Stations! =(?

The factory stereo in my 96 LHS scans continuously through the FM stations without stopping. When I manually select a FM station I just hear static. After scanning anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour it eventually picks up a station. The weird thing is it picks up AM stations just fine. I live in downtown Columbus, OH so I know there are plenty of stations around lol. The antenna cable seems to be fine, and the fuses for the radio have been replaced despite them appearing to be intact (just to be safe). Anyone have any idea why I can't automatically pick up a FM station? I don't want to shell out the money for an aftermarket stereo if my current deck isn't the actual problem.


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  • Tom M
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    1 decade ago
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    Go back and check the antenna cable...sounds like its loose or has a small break in it somewhere...if you can't find it might be where the antenna connects to the board inside the radio...might need to replace radio...Junk yard or e-bay for a factory type...best buy type for something a little better

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