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question about hyundai pony?

I was wondering how many (1982~1987) Hyundai Pony were left in Canada and US, even though they didn't sell in US. And how many were produced in Canada. As well if this would be a good classic car as it has some history for the Hyundai motor company. Also if this car was worth $1000 to bring it to toronto as i am moving. Lastly would this car make a good drifting car as it is a basic Rwd car.

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    Hyundai came to US and Canada back in 1984. As far as know (because I live in Canada), Hyundai have sold over 82.000 pony's in Canada only. They broke the market for half the price of a Chloette (killed them). Soon after, they have introduced the Stellar. Now answering your question..... there are about 200 unit in operation in Canada alone. Not to many huh?

    Classic cars (old-timers) are considered in Canada if older than 25 years. So, your Pony might be eligible for. But there is a catch (as usual). The vehicle must be in a mint condition. That means, you might be required to do full restoration. Parts with manufacturer are limited from what I know. I have all the reason to say this because I'm a fixed operation Manager for one of the Hyundai Dealer in Canada and know the parts supply.

    Should you turn your Pony intro a "drifter"?. I wouldn't suggest you. Either you restore it for a just cause or don't get into drifting issue. The engine is not powerful enough to drift the car.

    If you want to drift, I would recommend you to buy a Hyndai Genesis Turbo. These are cars you can drift.

    Hope this will answer all your questions.

    best regards.

    Source(s): Hyundai dealer-service Manager
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