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how many Native Americans (indians) were killed in action by White americans?

I herd that native americans had around 80 to 100 million in population, I herd that whites (americans) killed 70 to 114 million indians, and maybe less but I just want to know how many were killed in the Western american-indian war

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    The population numbers at contact are almost impossible to accurately determine:

    "Estimates of how many people were living in the Americas when Columbus arrived have varied tremendously; 20th century estimates ranging from a low of 8.4 million to a high of 112.5 million persons. Given the fragmentary nature of the evidence, even semi-accurate pre-Columbian population figures are impossible to obtain, and estimates are produced by large extrapolations from small bits of data.


    "Research by some scholars provides population estimates of the pre-contact Americas to be as high as 112 million in 1492, while others estimate the population to have been as low as eight million. In any case, the native population declined to less than six million by 1650."

    Note that the population is estimated at 6 million at a time when the Colonists were still confined to a thin strip of land on the East coast.

    As for just the area of the United states the number is far below what you quote:

    "A.L. Kroeber reanalyzed Mooney’s work and estimated 900,000 individuals for the same region and period. In 1966 ethnohistorian Henry Dobyns estimated that there were between 9,800,000 and 12,200,000 people north of the Rio Grande before contact; in 1983 he revised that number upward to 18,000,000 people."

    Your "native americans had around 80 to 100 million in population" would be more accurate for the Western hemisphere then just the United States.

    There is agreement that the population decline was overwhelmingly due to disease.

    When Europeans first came to the Americas they inadvertently introduced a number of diseases. These included forms of Tuberculosis, measles, cholera, typhus, and smallpox.

    Native Americans had little immunity to any of these imported diseases. The migration route into the Americas had been through arctic regions. The cold acted as a "filter" preventing some diseases from entering. During their thousands of years of isolation, the inhabitants of the Americas had avoided the disease that swept through the rest of the world. However, this also meant that they had no immunity, protection from these same illnesses.

    As a result, fully half the population became ill when exposed to smallpox. Worse, they often contracted the diseases most virulent form, variol major. This form is hemorrhagic and attacks the heart, lungs and liver. Similar infection rates were found with the other imported diseases.

    While the diseases weren't spread as a deliberate policy or as a form of germ warfare there are recorded instances where deliberate attempts were made to spread the disease. During Pontiac's Rebellion in 1763, Lord Amherst is recorded as trying to spread smallpox through infected blankets.

    One estimate is that 90% of the population decrease after 1492 was due to disease. Another estimate puts the death by disease at 3,500,000 Native Americans.

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    Native Americans Killed

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    how many Native Americans (indians) were killed in action by White americans?

    I herd that native americans had around 80 to 100 million in population, I herd that whites (americans) killed 70 to 114 million indians, and maybe less but I just want to know how many were killed in the Western american-indian war

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    How Many Indians In Usa

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    It does not appeal to mind the highest number of red Indian killed. When red Indian saw stranger on their land they might have retaliated and started targeting white with bows and arrows. They never had the guns.

    White must have tried for peace as they wanted to settle. But arrogant Indians never understood the language.

    In order to defend white must have used the guns. The number could be maximum hundred thousand as America is wide spread country.

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    There does appear to be plurality between the experiences of indigenous North Americans and Australian and New Zealand people. Basically, the British colonialists just dispossessed and eradicated the "natives" the best they could. Probably only the Christian sense of a "civilizing mission" saved the remainder of those populations.

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    Most killed by desease. Well, sometimes by accident but many a time by purpose. Blankets and stuff given away or sold which where contagious. In my eyes the same as murder. Killing of the buffalo where also an strategy to force the natives into reservations...

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    Since there is no way to get to a figure of how many native people residing in what is now USA, it might be a better idea to get qualitative picture of what was done to them - namely butchering of people who the Invadors found on the land.

    By and large that will be never done by what now is USA.

    And, that will be its USA's undoing. Like Roman empires which were great and mighty; but are now dust.

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    Arguing about #'s doesn't really MATTER--THE GENERATIONAL TRAUMA experienced by each successive generation lives on in the problems we currently experience from health to spiritual. We still are here and need to band together and SOS-- save our selves, no one is gonna do it for us. We feel it all, in our body memories, whether we are conscious of it or not---that's what we need to do is become aware and work to identify, name and help our living generations cope and continue. It is being done more and more. I am glad about that.

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    10 million seems more accurate than 100 million that were killed during that time ,since most of the land was empty before the white came over

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