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Pistons pacers brawl revisted. an opinion question?

so i was rewatching the big pacers and pistons brawl that took place a long time ago and noticed that ron artest was unfairly suspended. he was suspended 86 games while ben wallace started the whole brawl and the fans continued it. what do u think about this. explain why. big bubba patel

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    i jus watched that last week. i gotta say Stern felt that Ben Wallace didnt mean to start an entire war in the palace. I honestly believe the 6 games was kinda harsh for a SHOVE. I guess he did get in his face and stuff so 6 games mightve been right. Artest tho actually GOT UP and RAN UP THE STANDS. like he was a man possessed. Thats inexcusable. a cup couldve been thrown at him had Wallace not shoved him. Artest knew that the NBA wasnt gonna have that but he went a lil COOKOO. for a sec. there and im sure he didnt think about the fact that his team was no.1 and had a good chance at the NBA Championship that year.

    If thats the one thing I could change its that Stern messed up the whole Dynamics of the standings after that. I think if he took away the same pay for all those games and the players basically played for "Free" and fined the team a significant amount that'd be more than harsh enough.

    actually surprised Stephen Jackson only got 30 to Artests season ending.

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    Well, Ben Wallace didnt start the actual "Brawl".

    Ben was hardly fouled by Artest, and Ben pushed him, that made Artest kinda angry, so he layed back and chilled. It doesnt make it any better when a crowd of 22,000 is booing at you (Artest was booed at). He acted like an arragant guy, and tried acting cool laying on the scorers table.

    What started the "brawl" was fan interactions. Fans should never act crazy, but the actual athlete shouldnt ever react in such a manner like that. Running up into the stands is not excusessable. Stephon Jackson and Jermaine O'Neal just added a bigger mess to the thing by getting involved punching fans and running up to players.

    I agree Ben should be suspended, but 5 games for him was fine. He pushed Artest which threw him out of wack, but he didnt have any involvment with the fans of the NBA, or other players, besides with pushing Ron.

    What David Stern did was completly acceptable

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    all i got to say that was raw

    ya so wen jermane oneal punch that fan

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