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Obama, Cardin,.. says reform healthcare system will "save money"...but this money will just have to be..10 pts?

all right, here is what I don't understand about the whole healthcare reform/universal system. There was recently a town hall metting here in Maryland which I was unable to attend, but at which I heard senator Ben Cardin stated that a universal healthcare system would "save money" because having mandatory coverage would encourage preventive care, i.e. (enable) people to go to the doctor and get treated when they are ill as opposed to just not going because they don't have insurance, then having the problem get worse and the government having to pay more for them to be treated. Cardin CLAIMS that such a system will save money, as does Obama...but evidentally they are both the elephant in the room, which is that taxes will inevitably have to be increased significantly to cover the cost of such a system. Yet I fear too many of you are unaware of just how big an increase we are talking, so l will give you an idea. In Canada, where there is currently a universal healthcare system in place, individuals may have as much as 50% of their income withheld for taxes. Now I know Obama has stated that he only plans to tax the wealthy, but the reality is taxing is not nor will it ever be the solution. In the end it will do nothing more than create severe inflation, and Obama may secretly know this but knows he will be out of office by that time.

So my question is first of all how is the proposed healthcare reform "saving" money as Obama claims when taxes will have to be raised to cover the cost? Next, if taxes are raised on the scale necessary to cover such an immense proposal, won't this/doesn't Obama know it will result in severe inflation?

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  • Deb M
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    1 decade ago
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    Ben Cardin is right...people with no health care use the emergency room like the rest of us use the Doctor office. But the emergency room is a lot more expensive. You should have listened to the Montana Town Hall, he explained all that...two-thirds of the cost will be paid for. The remainder will be paid for by rolling back the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy...anyone making MORE that 250 thousand a year.

    So you think stopping the waste fraud and abuse of the medical suppliers is wrong....and stopping the big give away that Bush gave to the pharmaceutical companies is wrong?

    All Obama is trying to do is get everyone insured. And our system would NOT be like Canada, so you inference to Canada is not applicable.

    Obama said today that America spends 7 thousand dollars more per person on health care than any other country. The overhead of the Health care for profit industry is expensive....huge CEO pays, lobbyists, advertising, greasing the palms of the politicians to stop health care reform and advertising is expensive, but has NOTHING to do with providing health care!

    To continue to pay these over inflated monies would require a tax increase...on everyone! Obama is exactly right...doing nothing is the worst thing to do!

    Ben Cardin is a good Senator...who cares about people and the future of this country! I'm right across the river from you!

  • 5 years ago

    If Obama takes the VP slot, he will (1) guarantee a Democratic victory this year, (2) practically guarantee that he will be elected president in 8 years, (3) amass a gigantic power base through both his public presence and fundraising capability. No lie. He will be the most powerful man (I mean that literally) in America from the moment he does this until the end of his second term. But he shouldn't do it, because he is ahead.

  • 1 decade ago

    Here's an explanation of why a significant faction of the capitalist, wealthy-elite, ruling class wants Obama's health care plan:

    The Massachusetts model

    The New York Times and Obama’s health care counterrevolution

    14 August 2009

  • Dude
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    1 decade ago

    Here;s what you are missing. Right now you pay for private insurance. If you pay taxes INSTEAD, it's still the same amount of money it's just going to a different place.

    Besides which the overhead of a govt run health care plan will be about 1/10 the overhead of private insurance. So it is FAR more efficient.

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    The Democrats will tell you anything to get the Universal Health Plan

    made into law.

    I think most people knows that

    A wise man investigates what a fool takes for granted.

    Don't take anything said by a politician for granted.

    Be the wise old owl ~and ask *who?*

  • 1 decade ago

    They will tell you that Obama just recently said he wouldn't raise taxes. While they may be right about what obama SAID, I have heard this No taxes line before, and they always lie.

  • 1 decade ago

    Obama has a plan, it's call, ruin America. He's doing a bang up job so far.

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