Would a network green-light this pilot episode?

This is a short script of a pilot episode i am creating for a new sitcom called Chris' Way. It is about a teenager named Chris Smith and his life growing up in Chicago.

Scene One: (in the living room of Chris's house where he talking to his parents)

Chris:Mom can i have a raise on my allowance?

Lisa: No.

Chris: Dad can i have a raise on my allowance?

Antoine: HELL NO.

Chris: Well. This SUCKS!

Antoine: That's the exact same thing i said when i saw your last report card.

Jen:(laughing) Good one daddy!

Chris: What is this? Be a jerk to Chris day?

Antione: (in a funny tone) Come on! You don't expect us to give you more money Chris. You know how irresponsible you are with it.

Chris: Dad i'm a teenager, I AM SUPPOSE TO BE IRRESPONSIBLE! If you are a responsible teenager in America, something is wrong with you!

Antione: (looks at Lisa) You know what the sad thing is? Chris actually believes every word he just said.

Jen:(shakes her head) Pathetic.

Lisa: (kisses Chris) Sorry honey. The bank of Mom and Dad is closed.(walks out the door with Antione)

Jen:(pats Chris on the face) They shut you down. (walks out the door laughing)

Chris:(angry tone) I HATE MY FAMILY.

Theme Song

Scene Two:(Chris is in the school lunchroom with his friends)

Chris: (slams down his lunchtray)

Mike: (in a mocking tone) Is there something bothering you Christopher?

Chris: It's my parents man. They won't give me a raise on my allowance.

Patrick:(stands up screaming) THAT IS AN OUTRAGE! (lunchroom stares at him) (Pat in a meek tone) Sorry.

Chris: It's a bunch of unfair crap!

Mike: (in a funny tone) Real Talk. But there is a way you can combat this?

Chris: (stares at Mike) How?

Mike: Get a job. Get a job dude. If you get a job, you can make your own money.

Patrick: He's right Chris. Go to work. It's the American way.

Chris: (nods in approval) Yeah! But there is one problem. Who the heck is gonna hire a 14 year old who has never worked a day in his life?

Mike: (laughing) I don't have any idea! That's for you to find out.

Patrick: (pats Chris on the shoulder)Good Job Hunting!

Scene Three: (Chris goes around town after school looking for a job and encounters crazy mishaps)

Scene Four: (Chris comes back home around 7 pm)

Chris: (walks in the house) The world is ugly. It is very, very ugly!

Lisa: Where have you been?

Jen: Probably smoking weed with his homies.

Lisa: Jen!

Jen: (smiles)I love being mean!

Antione: You were out looking for an afterschool job.

Chris:(stares at Antione) You mind telling me how you knew that?

Antione: I had the same dejected face, tone and demeanor when i first looked for a job. I miss my childhood. NOT!

Lisa: I'm sorry it did not work out for you son. OH WELL! Time for dinner! (she and Jen walk into the kitchen)

Antione: You know son, i'm proud of you. You just proved to me that you are willing to grind to get what you want.

Chris: Are you proud enough to give me a raise on my allowance?

Antione: (smiles and puts his arm around Chris) HELL NO!

What do you think?


I know it seems kind of short but i can't fit every single detail of it on here.

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  • AJ
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    1 decade ago
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    ha! nice.

    It took me a while to read this but this is actually pretty good. No offence but I thought it was going to be crap. But it's surprisingly good.

  • 1 decade ago

    Not bad, but I would change the main character's name. Just because he's talking about how everybody hates him, and his name is Chris, and there is already a TV show called "Everybody hates Chris" Just seems a bit similar to me, change up the name though and it will be fine.

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