ps2 car racing game.?

There's this game I've been looking. I don't remember quite enough about it though but all I can say is that the cars have weapons and try to shoot each other. You get the weapons by picking them up whiles playing, you can even set bomb traps and do many other things.

If anyone knows the game am looking for can you please tell me?

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  • hukill
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    understand warning, I actual have in basic terms tried the present NFS:ProStreet and that i'm hating it already. evidently like a watered down Gran Turismo. as quickly as you're after realism ingredient, I pay attention Gran Turismo is the in straightforward words thank you to bypass, yet in case you come to a selection on complete-throttle arcadey goodness, then i could bypass and grab the closest NeedForSpeed (different than ProStreet). NFS:Carbon has been my optimal carried out racer in an prolonged term. you adventure such as you're movin in this activity, the linked fee simulation is incredible and that's barely dumbed down adequate to make it a doddle to earnings. You get to strengthen the motorized motor vehicle as you bypass, (now no longer something very techie, in basic terms 'engine strengthen', 'nitrous strengthen' etc) the present one 'ProStreet' seems angling for the GT industry, while you evaluate that's so a lot extra suitable technical. you ultimately finally end up breaking masssssively for corners, and likewise it is particularly useful to instruct the motorized motor vehicle at stupid-gradual speeds in case you're to no longer any quantity extra desirable great careful. All in each and every of the 1st few races felt like i grew to grow to be utilising alongside on the Isle of Wight at 30mph. Burnout is incredible exciting in case you wanna kill 10minutes. yet NFS:Carbon will grab you for a month or 2. yet... the two NFS & Burnout are highway racing video games, for music racing, i'm guessing GT is the way forward.

  • 1 decade ago

    probably twisted metal is what your talking about

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