Am I gay if I makeout with another guy but not have sex with him?

Me and my best friend are straight and we both have had girlfriends. Me and my best friend have known each other for many years now and we are like brothers, we are always there for each other and have always helped each other out, now I think I'm in love with him, but I'm still straight!!!!!! I also know that he is also in love with me but he is also straight!!!! He helped me when I got out of surgery( my parents didn't help at all ) and took care of me at his house. I've never felt this way about another guy, I can't explain how close we are as friends and how much we help each other.

We were watching tv the other day and we were talking and he finally couldn't take it and told me he was in love with me of course I told him I love him back. But we told each other that we are straight and I told him he is the only guy I've ever fallen in love with and he said the same thing about me. Then suddenly we kissed and afterwards we both told eachother we just got curious of what it was like to kiss another guy, but then we started making out( with our shirts off, but kept our pants on ) but we both agreed this is as far as it goes, that we would never get totally naked and have sex because we both think its gay and gross and honstly the idea of us both naked fooling around in bed sounds nasty( especially since we have both have the you know whats down there ), yet I think its hot when we make out shirtless.

Am I gay if we makeout shirtless but we don't want to get naked and have sex?Am I gay if I like girls, but I'm in love with one guy( my friend ) and only him, I don't like other guys? Is it really possible to be gay for one person?

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    Didn't you ask this question already? You're just experimenting

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    Aweh. Thats cute. I had the same thing happen. Back when I was 13 I had a friend like that. We were the bestest friends ever. And one day we were swimming in my pool, and next thing you know it we randomly started to kiss. We both THOUGHT we were straight. We both were dating a girl at the time. We really thought we were in love with eachother. Then we made the decision that we would give dating a try, and we agreed that if it didnt work out we woulnt let it ruin our firendship. We both left out girlfriends and started dating. We ended up dating for 3 years, and then I had to move because my dad got a new job. So we decided that a long distance relationship wouldnt work and we would keep in touch. So I figured out that I was bisexual, and if I would let myself I could find another lover. And after dating him I found another boy. I could never love this new boy as much a I loved my first one, but yeah...

    I think your just figuring out your sexuality. Give it some time, and see where it go's. Maybe something will happen from this all, if you LET it happen. Don't worry about people thinking weirdly of you because of your sexuality. If you and this best friend think you really are in love, you should maybe give it a shot. Just make sure you guys agree to be friends if it doesn't work out..

    Hope I helped. If you wanna know anything else, you can email me at

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    I wouldn't fret over it too much. How many straight girls do you know that love making out with other? Damn near all of 'em?

    Only you can answer this yourself. You say that you're disgusted by the thought of sex with him. Is that how you REALLY feel, or are you just saying it as some sort of learned reaction to the idea?

    Try this: force yourself to think about it. Imagine yourself with him, sexually, as long as you find it possible to do so. If it's so horrible that you absolutely despise the thought and get no reaction out of it.. well, then there's nothing wrong with having a friend that you truly love but aren't attracted to =)

    Don't worry about the labels. Why fret over what someone else might call you? If you're "gay," what will that change? Kissing is fun for everyone, hehe.

    Source(s): Took me a while to become okay with the idea that being with girls was "okay" for a girl to do.
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    Did you not ask this earlier?

    I already said: gay is attraction to a man only, straight is attraction to a woman only and bisexual is attraction to both.

    I would say that you are bi leaning to the straight side.

    And again: I don't think it's going to be much longer before you two get it on.

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    1 decade ago

    If you are straight then why would you make out with another guy? You seem like you might be bisexual, but not straight.

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    come on. you're gay if you are sexually attracted to the same sex. no matter if they're a dozen men or just one guy. don't worry, there's nothing bad in it. also, if you're "gay" now, it doesn't mean you'll be forever gay. now, you may like apples. maybe tomorrow, you'll like lemons. people are not stagnant. we constantly change, so just ride with it.

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    Dont make a mistake

    get in there and experiment

    and email me quick go

    and i will give you my msn <33

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    gay straight bi are all just labels. sounds like you have a great thing going. life is short! don't cheat yourselves out of awesome experiences. sounds like instead of "nasty" sex you guys would actually be making love and that is HOT. besides...nasty is pretty f*cking awesome-don't knock it till you taste it!

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    Sexual orientation is a measurement of one's attraction towards the same sex and the opposite sex.

    It is not based on behaviour.

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    1 decade ago

    Dude you guys are at least bi. You will be having sex before too long. There's nothing wrong with that. Just let it happen.

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    1 decade ago

    I think your bisexual dude especially if you make out with the same gender don't be afraid of it embrace it :)

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