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Little game for parents :)?

Okay, so just give thumbs up to the pictures that you think are the cutest, down to the ones that aren't your style.

If you like mine, give me a star. :)


desmeran, don't worry. I think your pic is cute anyway... haha

Update 2:

Judo -- I actually love Avatar, if that's not too weird to admit (lol). :) Lovely Toph.

All of the pictures of the kids are adorable! :) Especially Elmo. Cute lil Johnny. :)

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    <~~ That is really my son down there in the lower right corner. LOL

    Source(s): LMAO Lea! :) It was when we went to Sesame Place a few weeks ago... He got to meet his Elmo :)
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    My son was in competitive soccer. I found some parents rather rude and vulgar. At one point, they decided that they needed to bring drums and bullhorns to the games. It was rather annoying, and I had to move. The children on the field do not really hear the rabble on the sidelines. It appears that the parents are entertaining themselves and are trying to see who can be the loudest. My children (18 & 14) referee children’s’ soccer. My children are there to learn. The children on the field are there to learn. The league has to set some parent guidelines. Parents, coaches, and players should be asked to leave the field if they are rude. In the local soccer league, ANYONE that is rude can be asked to leave the field. They are also reported to the league.

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    Aww not fair. I want to be one of the first to answer this.

    I love this picture of my daughter with her sun hat on.

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    All BABBIES, BEARS, ELMOS and sweet Wonderful Mommas get Thumbs Up from get a Star! The BEST part of my avatar are the two sweeties on either side of me!

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    sarah and gracies mummy's avatar is the cutest!! So adorable!

    There are some other really cute kids out there, pity my avatar is me!

    Source(s): mum of 3
  • *Tina*
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    Cute pouty face!

    I am not going to thumbs down any ones children, I think all babies are cute and special. Especially to their Mommies.

    Obviously I think my baby is adorable, this one she is eating strawberries.

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    1 decade ago

    LOL this maybe I should change my pic to something silly, although my little guy is a cutie in his birthday hat.

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    1 decade ago

    I starred you (;

    My pic is just of me =/ I dont have one of my kids at the moment


    Judo-Your avatar is the little blind girl from avatar,am I right?

  • I had to look real close at Johnny's Mommy's pic too see Johnny...I thought it was just too cute.

    --Thank you Cindy!!! :D

    --All the pics of babies are so sweet..some pics are well unique lol..I'm too nice..I gave everyone a TU!! lol

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    Well mine is of my son Max, so I hope he is a cutie :)

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    Hope someone likes my baby boy :) Got his shades on his head and eating some pizza :)

    **Johnnys mommy.. LOL I thought it was elmo breastfeeding a baby!!

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