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What can you share about the Yucatan Peninsula?

I love the idea of having access to great beaches, great snorkeling, and ancient ruins, all in one place.

I'd love to go to a nice resort (would prefer all-inclusive), but I'd like to avoid being on a resort-strip, so I think Cancun is out.

What cities/areas do you recommend?

What resorts within those areas can you comment on?

All input will be very much appreciated!

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    The term "Riviera Maya" is a catch-all phrase to include all the towns south of Cancun down to Tulum, including:


    Playa del Carmen, Playacar

    Puerto Aventuras

    Puerto Morelos


    Playa del Carmen/Playacar area has the greatest concentration of resorts, but good resorts can be found all along that coast. Click this link to see some good deals there:


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    I agree that it sounds like Cancun is not for you.

    The entire coast south of Cancun (Riviera Maya) has a wide range of all inclusive resorts. The resorts are spread out with plenty of room to find a quiet spot to relax.

    Playa del Carmen is a nice little town south of Cancun with a good beach and a pedestrian street/mall with lots of shops and restaurants.

    Tulum is an area further south. It is home to some ruins that are pretty impressive, but I would check out pictures online before I decided to miss a day of all inclusive meals and drinks.

    It is hard to suggest a specific resort without knowing your needs. Family? Honeymoon? Luxury or budget option? There are a lot of good options.

    Either way, it is a great time to go to Mexico. The recent media coverage was way overblown, but it led to fewer people going to Mexico. The all inclusive resorts and airlines are now offering really good deals.

    Good luck and have a great trip!

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    basically returned from trip to Playa del Carmen, it is south of Cancun and on coast in the process from Cozumel. i could relatively propose "Playa" over Cancun or Cozumel. Cancun is amazingly Americanized. Cozumel is extra constrained in terms of events, yet is superb for snorkling or scuba diving. Playa is the present warm spot on the Yucatan. as quickly as we've been there in early July, the team became a million/3 US voters, a million/3 wealthy Mexican nationals, and a million/3 europeans. there are one in each and every of those lodging, from the plush all-inclusive resorts (basically south of Playa at Playacar) to the boutique "ecu" resorts that are inexpensive and straightforward. (extra suitable examine with the bride on her standards.) great and occasional fee eating places and bars by using the city. nevertheless families are present day (relatively at resorts), the region exudes sexy. pleasing people in skimpy outfits. impressive seashores. Playa is likewise extra centrally located on the coast. That makes it uncomplicated to take day journeys to Cozumel or Tulum ruins or different events. adequate English is spoken to make it uncomplicated to order nutrients or save. yet, the city isn't so overrun that spanish isn't prevelent. information: (a million) do no longer drink the faucet water and use use bottled water even whilst brushing the teeth, (2) ice machines (for margaritas) are regularly filtered and not a difficulty, (3) be leery of salads with the aid of fact washing ought to have been carried out with faucet water, and (4) anybody flies into Cancun, whilst travelling to the Yucatan. attending to everywhere else calls for shuttles or buses or (in case you desire to spend extra money) taxis. Have a great trip.

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