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Rate my league! Which team is best?

Starters are 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 D, 1 K

Which are the teams to beat?

1. K Warner, M Ryan, T Edwards

Tomlinson, R Grant, Lynch, Mendenhall, C Wells

R Moss, Boldin, V Jackson, Cotchery



2. Schaub, Orton

Westbrook, Gore, Addai

Wayne, Roddy White, Houshmandzadeh, K Walter, Crabtree

Winslow, Keller

Eagles, Packers


3. Brady, Quinn

Forte, T Jones, L Johnson, L White,

B Edwards, A Gonzalez, Hester, Ginn Jr

Shockey, Bennett


Rackers, Dawson

4. P Manning, M Hasselbeck

S Jackson, R Brown, L McClain

Welker, Ochocinco, Driver, Holt, Burleson

Gates, V Davis

Ravens, Bears

Josh Brown

5. Rivers, Palmer

Peterson, R Bush, W Parker, L Washington

A Johnson, L Coles, DeSean Jackson, E Royal, Muhammad

Witten, Miller



6. McNabb, Cassel

C Johnson, J Stewart, C Benson, J Lewis

Terrell Owens, A Bryant, L Evans, D Mason, M Jenkins

Dallas Clark


Bironas, Elam

7. Cutler, E Manning

DeAngelo Williams, P Thomas, K Smith, Shonn Greene, R Rice

Fitzgerald, Jennings, Roy Williams, L Moore P Harvin

J Carlson



8. Rodgers, Delhomme

Jones-Drew, Slaton, D Ward

C Johnson, Bowe, H Ward, Berrian, Branch

Olsen, Z Miller

Vikings, Bucs

K Brown

9. Romo, Roethlisberger

Portis, B Jacobs, Sproles, Moreno

Colston, S Holmes, Breaston, Miles Austin

Cooley, Boss

Titans, Panthers


10. Brees, Garrard

M Turner, Barber, McFadden

S Smith, B Marshall, S Moss, D Avery, D Hixon

O Daniels, Shiancoe

Cowboys, Dolphins


Which team numbers do you like the best? Do you see any FA names missing that I should jump on???


I'm team #7 and I had the 8th pick. Fitzgerald and DeAngelo were my top 2 picks. I went into the draft determined to be strong at WR, and I figured I could steal some RB's in the middle rounds.

I'm a little disappointed in my QB's, but I think with Cutler and Eli I'm solid (though not strong). P Manning, Brady, and Brees were gone by my 3rd pick, and I may have missed the boat on Rodgers. He went with the 4th pick in the 5th round and I reluctantly took Cutler 4 picks later. I'm afraid of Warner's health or I would have grabbed him.

My best bet for QB might be a trade with team #3 to grab Brady, as I believe that outside of Forte at RB, his team is pretty questionable from top to bottom. But I'll probably need to wait for 2 or 3 weeks for him to realize how weak he really is.

I also had some late round steals that could pay off for me... Kevin Smith in the 9th round, Lance Moore in the 11th, Shonn Greene in the 14th, and Ray Rice in the 15th....

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    I like Teams 5,8,10. These three teams have complete rosters and aren't weak at any specific position. All around very good teams. I don't know if you own one of these team but GL.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like temas 1- 5- 7-10 i think 1 of those teams will win

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  • BG
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    1 decade ago

    2,8,and 10 stick out to me as potential front runners. 7 is strong too except for QB.

    Cant think of any must have FA's from this league.

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