Honestly, do you *really* care about someone else's opinion on extended breastfeeding?

I don't. I just think it's irresponsible and offensive to pass judgment and insinuate that a mother who nurses her child past 12 months is some sort of pedophile. Their opinion doesn't bother me, just their ignorance and stupidity. How about you?
Update: EDIT: To "I'm Awesome," or whatever-Reread my question sweetheart. The people I'm am calling "ignorant and stupid" are the ones who make extended breastfeeders feel like pedophiles. Really, if only more people would have paid attention in 4th grade English class.
Update 2: EDIT: AAA and Seafoam Green you guys said it perfectly. Just because it's not for you, doesn't mean that anyone who does it is a sick pedophile.
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