help/suggestions with my fantasy prem. team?

need suggestions

G- reina, kirkland

D- garrido, m richards, terry, bale, taylor

M- young, barry, ballack, bullard, hargreaves

F- Anelka, vela, agbonlahor

I hade Van persie, Keane, and beattie as my f but i decided to do an is greatly appreciated especially on my mid and D


i am in two leagues so i edited one of my teams to take your suggestions and see what happens...heres the modified one

G- reina, Sorenson

D- terry, m richards, figueroa, carr, chimbonda

M- young, mccann, modric, dempsey, ireland(i could have stephen ireland, j cole, or kuyt for the same price...who to take/?)

F-anelka, agbonlahor, fuller

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hmmm..interesting! Kirkland I would get rid and buy Sorensen as ur back up keeps

    I would sell Garrido and Bale and look to bring in maybe Agger and Figeuroa

    Midfield is decent but Ballack may not be a regular and Hargreaves certainly won't be!!

    Vela? I wouldn't...look to Bent or maybe Ricardo Fuller!! Always good for goals!!:):)

  • Umer
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    1 decade ago

    Garrido won't feature for City , Bale will also not be a regular , and I don't know who is Taylor , if he is the bolton man then he is in the category of midfielders in the official fantasy league game.

    Ballack , Barry are not goal scorers ,they neither provide any assists , Bullard and Heargreaves are both injured.

    Forward line is Okay , but vela won't feature.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    youve gone for too many defense minded midfielders, and a few of whom u cant guarantee would be fit, modic over ballack, and also vela wont play so many games and is a real gamble, id pay 500.000 more and put owen, who may get injuries but if fit will definately score and prob start alot of games in europe, 1 player who i put is mccann of burnley he is pretty highly rated scores goals, and costs 1m allowing u to spend the money saved elsewhere.

    also my prices are done to the suns dreamteam,

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