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How many native americans (indians) were killed by the white americans?

I herd that it's some thing million (or maybe more or maybe less) but I want an exact number or an estimate to how many indians were killed and plz tell me if you also know the number of how many white americans were killed in the native american and (white) american war

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    pre contact estimates range from 50 - 100 million people in all of north america. for those who think this number is way to large, why? this is a continent much larger than europe so why would the population be so sparse as some have claimed? no famine, no war, no diseases yet some think we were only a few million at most. it makes no sense.

    having said that, by 1890 95% of the indigenous population was gone. leaving only 250 thousand in usa alone.

    the native population today in usa and canada stands at about 3 million, all descended from the 5% that survived the longest genocide in history.

    only 3 million since many of the genocidal practices ended only in MY lifetime, such as the forced sterilization of women and the forced removal of children to be put (and ultimately killed) in boarding schools and given to white families to raise. our religious ceremonies only became legal in 1978. all considered points of genocide by international definition.

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    There does seem to be plurality among the reviews of indigenous North Americans and Australian and New Zealand humans. Basically, the British colonialists simply dispossessed and eliminated the "natives" the satisfactory they would. Probably simplest the Christian experience of a "civilizing task" stored the the rest of the ones populations.

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    too many, on both sides, but the situation is too complex for a number to be determined

    1)nobody knows how many were here in 1492

    2)nobody knows how many were born in the intervening years

    3)nobody kept records of how most of them died

    4)finally, even if you knew how many died in battle, there is no way to seperate out those that were killed by other tribes

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    Alot were to be exact a little of 1 million

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