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Why didn't President Obama negotiate w/the Pharmaceutical Industry to lower their prices in the U.S.?


The main reason why prices are lower in Canada and Europe is that governments use their huge bargaining power to win big discounts. Gee, why couldn't Obama do that for us..?

Update 2:

Yes, the article is from '03 -it still holds true today; Pres. Bush did add the Prescription Drug Benefit for those on Medicare -but that only helps those on Medicare..

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    The pharmaceutical industry is totally immune from the American government, my friend and that includes this President. I am afraid he hasn't a clue as how to as you say negotiate w/ this industry and I mean that with no acrimony. Trials are not even determined by the government, nor are copyright years questioned or the lack of generic drugs by labs or research facilities in universities co-funded by the government. When the best leading generic for asthma albuterol and allergy medicine was introduced and Doctors and citizens were helped, it was quickly denounced by Lilly as a danger to the environment because of the means of spray injector, incredibly and the company won back its copy right on provential, ask any Doctor.The FDA is a watered entity with no intelligence, mandate or provisions and has been so for many years. The Pharmaceutical industry employs a great many people and so does its tandem industries or corporation sponsored pharmacy. Its much too late to control this multi-national industry.

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    Dear Tom, have you been sleeping? Obama did a closed door "negotiation" with the pharmaceutical companies and when he emerged, they'd mysteriously agreed to give up over $80,000,000,000 in profits! When's the last time you hear of a company who is in the business of making money willingly giving up that sort of profit margin? Can you say "Strong arm, Chicago style tactics?" He also told the AMA and key members of the insurance industry that if we "don't sign on with this reform..." " will all go the way of GM."

    The reason those socialist countries are paying less is because they are not paying the cost of research and development. If they were required to pay those costs, their systems would most assuredly collapse.

    Lastly, since when is making a profit such a bad thing? This current administration has demonized anyone who dares make a profit. If a business is not allowed to make a profit, it will go under and with it, those who depend on it for employment (will find themselves unemployed) and those who depend on it for the services it provides (less options available).

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    Interesting dated link. The same question could be asked of the 8 years of the previous administration. And Clinton's previous administration proposed a bill the was shot down in 1993. I would assume that,that bill would have approached negotiations. If you were a pharmaceutical company what part of people trying to get cheaper drugs outside of this country wouldn't you understand. And you would think that they(pharmaceutical companies) being a part of this nation. Would try to take it on themselves. But no, corporate greed steps in. So, while your question has some merit.the action or inaction,if you will. can't be placed totally on Obamas shoulders. It's inaction by many administrations. But Republicans wouldn't want to do it being they are in bed with insurance and drug companies.

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    1: Obama does not want prices to be more affordable for Americans. He is not one of us and he hates us.

    2: Canada's prices are lower because Canada's STANDARDS are lower, pure and simple.



    I am glad you survived cancer.

    How do you know that Obama would not tell you to just go take a pain killer like he said he would to Granny if she needed a liver transplant?

    He SAID that on international TV at a Town Hall meeting, and you wonder why we are so concerned . . .

    START paying attention.

    You are in the same boat with all of us.

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    The answer to your question is simple, common sense and the present occupier of the white house is sorely lacking in that respect. And of course there is the inevitable corporate greed.

    Tell me why every innovation in the food industry that is labeled "natural" automatically costs much more than the exact same thing that doesn't have the "generic label" ? answer = Greed.

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    He did and they did.

    "Obama praises drug industry deal to cut costs for elderly

    Story Highlights

    Deal discounts drugs for some on Medicare when benefits reach gap in coverage

    Deal part of $80 billion reduction in Medicare drug costs for senior citizens

    Health care overhaul a priority for President Obama; early plans have had hang-ups

    *This article can also be accessed if you copy and paste the entire address below into your web browser.

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    trust me Bush did nothing for medicare. the gov has cures for almost everything but they would rather have less population and everyone on some stupid drug. just look at the money and years spent on research with no results. yeah right.

    Source(s): common sense and personnel experience
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    canada and most of europe have universal health care, were the government pays for it, that way the government can negotiate with big pharma for better prices by buying in bulk. this will be done here when the health care gets straitened out here. there is no incentive for it to happen with health insurance companies as they are in bed with big pharma screwing us for all we have, WAKE UP

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    Gee, why couldn't Obama do that for us..?"

    That's the big question all over this country today.

    Although a lot of us are asking why can't you do things for yourself..?

    But unfortunately people are less and less capable of doing things for themselves anymore and expect Obama and the government to take care of them. Here's a hint. Obama wants you to think that way!

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    He needed their support for the health care agenda so he made an agreement with them to let them continue to make huge profits from drugs.

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