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Doesn't Obama understand that ?

Why does Obama act like somebody is preventing some people from obtaining health insurance ?

Doesn't Obama understand that some people don't have health insurance because they have opted not to pay any health insurance premiums unlike 90 % of Americans do ?

Doesn't Obama understand that if you pay your own car insurance premiums, homeowners insurance premiums , life insurance premiums and health insurance premiums.......nobody will deny you car insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance or health insurance & you will have car insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance and health insurance like those of us who pay our own premiums do ?

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    Yes, Obama knows that a lot of people can well afford insurance, but choose not to get it. But he wants control, so he ignores that fact. He is well informed and just says what he has to in order to convince people he wants to help them. He doesn't. He wants government control. There are other options to address health care, but he won't take them into consideration because they won't give him the power he craves. Here are a few: Expand Medicare and Medicaid to cover more people and cover them better, government subsidy for low income families toward their insurance premiums, buying insurance across state lines, build free clinics in all congressional districts, force insurance companies to cover preexisting conditions (they can afford a small hit to their profit margin), and free birth control for anyone who wants it.

    He could save some money if he would ban earmarks & lobbying, cut politicians' salaries & benefits, and eliminate wasteful government spending.

    Contact your representatives and tell them to return the unspent portion of the stimulus to us, the taxpayers. Tell them not to spend any more of that money! they have been spending it on a lot of ridiculous things like pig odor studies.

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    Perhaps that is true in your experience. I have seen a different side of it.

    Brother in law had cancer - lost his job due to missing work because of the cancer - then he lost his insurance. Now he can't get coverage at any price.

    Ex husband has RA - his insurance is $900.00 a month. He is self employed.

    The health insurance companies DO deny coverage and if they will cover you, they exclude whatever ailment you have and charge outrageous premiums.

    Families with small children are also frequently without insurance. Our guys that earn $12.00 an hour cannot afford the $1190.30 a month premium for family coverage. Employee and Spouse coverage is $830.96 - add 55.47 if you want dental with that. Those are off of our new Blue Cross/Blue Shield rates. We have had double digit rate increases every year for 12 years.

    There is a problem with the health insurance system.

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    I am not an Obama supporter, but your position is over-simplified. There are legitimate debates relating to health insurance availability, cost and portability. There are also legitimate concerns about rising health care costs. Most notably the cost associated with treating the uninsured in this country. While I do not agree with much of the current plans circulating in Congress, this is indeed a debate we need to be having because the problems are going to get worse without some type of reform.

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    nobody can be turned down for insurance or kick off insurance

    Mandate everyone has to buy insurance

    If they are poor ...use the earned income credit the government gives them every year to pay for their insurance.

    this gets everyone covered with no new taxes

    i dont understand why auto insurance is mandated ...not health not a person more important than a car

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    You make it sound like everybody who wants it already has it, which is obviously not the case. And obviously health insurance is quite different from home/car insurance, where there aren't any lives at risk.

    Regarding this: "...they have opted not to pay any health insurance premiums unlike 90 % of Americans do ?"

    I have to say, "opted not to pay" is the kindest phrasing of "in total poverty" I've ever heard. Opting not to do something and being unable to do so are two very different things.

    Source(s): A Canadian with government-provided healthcare.
  • The Obamabot pledge:

    I swear to follow Obama, being he is the first black President, blindly. I swear to throw all logic and facts out the window. I will follow his false hope and bad changes without question. Any question I cannot answer, I promise to say "It is Bush's fault." I will ignore his lies and inconsistancy no matter what. I promise to never question what he is doing to the economy.

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    You make it all sound so simple. There are a lot of people who simply can't afford it. So they pray that they won't have a major illness that will totally ruin them! Life isn't as easy for some people as it seems to be for you. I am talking about people who work, so don't get off on this they need to get a job thing. There are also people who worked hard all their life, then got physically unable to. What about them? If life were as simple as you seem to want to paint it, all these issues wouldn't be on the table and being voted on!

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    You pay your car insurance. I, also will pay for 40% of Americans health insurance. If they can afford their own car insurance they can pay for their own health insurance as well. NOT ME......

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    You are so wrong. I have two friends (one in his fifties, one in his early sixties) who have been laid off, lost their insurance, and as both have serious pre-existing health concerns, cannot buy health insurance. I had a business, sold it when I was sixty-four, didn't check (dumb me) and ASSUMED that I could get insurance to hold me until I could get on Medicare at 65. WRONG! I couldn't buy insurance AT ANY PRICE because of my own pre-existing condition (I'd had cancer but was in remission).

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    The issue is healthcare cost are so high and are getting worst which many many people can't afford. Obama plan is to have a affordable plan which every American will have the chance to be insured. Many people are mis-informed or turning the facts around.

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