How do I get a Motorcycle Permit/License?

To buy a motorcycle where I live you need a motorcycle license, but to get a permit/license I need a motorcycle to practice with. Also with the permit you need someone on a separate motorcycle to accompany you, I don't know anyone that has a motorcycle license. So how would I go about getting a license?

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    A motorcycle safety course will normally carry motorcycles so you don't have to purchase one to learn how to operate it. It's helpful to understand how the clutch and gas work together, but not absolutely required to learn.

    The link below will get you started with the safety course part. Some of the place4s they run the course are affiliated with the DMV so once you pass their riding portion, you get a waiver for you state. North Carolina does it that way, you just have to ask the site providing the course if they are affiliated that way. Once you have passed the course, you have to go to the DMV and pass the written test. Once that is done you have your license. Pretty easy.

    To look at your local DMV laws type into a search like google or yahoo (your state) DMV, and look at the specific laws on the books. They will tell you everything for agae limits and size requirements. Texas for instance will let someone at 15 1/2 have a motorcycle license although the engine size is restricted. New Jersey makes them wait until they are 17. Each state is different so you have to explore the differences. Good luck on getting your license. Ride safe.

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    You have to be 15 1/2 in texas, and will be restricted to less than 250 cc in engine size. This restriction is removed at the age of 16. you have to do several things to get your license so you need to type in Texas DMV under search. the list is pretty long but makes sense. the biggest thing will be your parents. they have to sign saying you can get your license. If they won't sign you have to wait until you're 18. You also have to attend a Motorcycle safety course.

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    I think the best way to get a license is take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation(MSF) class. They provide the bike, you get to take the skills test with them, and your motorcycle insurance will be cheaper because you took the course.

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    you can buy a motor anytime.. with or without a license! That is no problem!

    you can also practice at your house, but not at the road ofcourse

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    type into search box

    states name DMV read about what you need to get going and not on a motorcycle you just get a permit to drive and learn you can read rules of your state go to your state dmv online

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