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Isn't China more "Fascist" than "Communist" now?

Since China's accession to the WTO, it has embraced corporatism, while it still is an expansionist power -- whether or not it is expansionist cannot be debated; China still retains its colonies of Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and Manchuria, as well as aggression against countries around the South China Sea, and its on-going building of a military far more powerful than any other military in the East Asian region, and even rivals US power in the region. As I understand it, a loose definition of Fascism is the combination of authoritarian rule and corporatism. Also, main tenet of Fascism, I believe, is aggressive expansionism, or at least military preparedness. On the other hand, "Communism," while still authoritarian, should shun corporatism, even attempt to abolish money altogether, and it's ultimate goal (in un-corrupted form) is to reach a state of permanent peace. It seems to me that China has swung more to the side of Fascism than of Communism. China doesn't even have strong social programs (socialism emphasizes social welfare programs and is a close cousin of communism) -- even America has free K-12 education! (China used to have free pre-college education, but now the people must pay for it.) So, shouldn't the "Chinese Communist Party" (CCP) change its name to the "Chinese Fascist Party" (CFP) ? I would like to know if this has occurred to other people, or am I dead wrong and don't know anything?

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    Yes. That's correct. What they call themselves is really irrelevant.

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    I would agree also. I pointed out that there are several billionaires in China now. That is not in step with communism per se. The government is still very restrictive and has a lot of censorship. I thought it was more FASCIST.

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    China Star I think was probably some awful pop song somewhere. Also Jackie Chan. Because he's just that badass.

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    The main tenet of fascism is nationalism/extreme patriotism. Mussolini felt that Italians weren't getting the respect they deserved and wanted to return it turn it's old roman glory days. Hitler expanded the idea to the Aryan nation which tied Germany and other Europeans to a historical tribe from Western asia/South Eastern Europe. They used the hatred of outsiders as a means of gaining power and they believed the strong should control the weak, but their principle tenet was patriotism.

    China has become more capitalistic and more aristocratic, but I wouldn't call it fascist.

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    Socialism, Fascism and Communism are all along the same lines my friend.

    There is nothing positive about any of it.

    As China grows as a world power it will lose some of it's Communist ideals while seeking expansion in other parts of the world.

    These new colonies will find themselves under a communist ideal while the *middle kingdom* becomes more lenient.

    Take a look at parts of Africa where China has interests. 1 out of 5 Africans are now enslaved.

    Why do you think China is known as the *middle kingdom* ?

    Source(s): Lao Zhe Hung
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    The chinese are indeed fascist, not that there is anything wrong with it.

    I don't think any other method of government would work in place like china.

    Source(s): The rebirth of fascism
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    They call themselves Communists, but you could argue that they fit the criteria for being a Fascist state, both have a single party system.

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    Fascism is still based around Government control of the economy.

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    Yes you know the deal in China, they are hogging alot of power in oil land and money plus a brand new military ie they are buying advanced weapons they are a true force in the future

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    The People's Republic of China is a Communist state according to the CIA.

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      Rewrite:china will be the most dangerous fascist state. Warning to all world!!

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