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Obama Health care plan, NHS?

I've been watching BBC news this morning and all the americans slating our NHS with misinformed facts is driving me nuts, do those ignorant americans actually understand the system, why are they listing to that dribble the insurance companies are feeding you? our healthcare ranks higher in WHO league tables, http://www.photius.com/rankings/healthranks.html, you spend 3 times as much as us per capita, yet our life expectancy is 2 years longer and we have an equal number of doctors and more nurses, midwives and hospital beds. I could go on.


sorry for the grammar errors, I was mad.

Update 2:

Regie: that is a fair point, but if using our NHS as an example means that people go without health care, then that's what annoys me.

Update 3:

viva liberty: I'm afraid I have not been brain washed by liberals as I am an enormously skeptical individual , I am aware of the Michael Moore documentary, however I have never seen it.

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    Funny you used the WHO stats, because:

    "Britain has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in western Europe, according to a worldwide report into sexual and reproductive health risks to women.

    The authors of the report A Measure of Survival: Calculating Women's Sexual and Reproductive Risk warned that teenagers, whose pregnancies were often unplanned, run a higher risk of complications in pregnancy and childbirth.

    The report also found that while Britain was one of the safest countries for pregnancy and childbirth, it was still only 19th safest - behind countries including Croatia, Cuba and the Czech Republic."

    - As printed in the Telegraph

    And that's even with half of all teenage pregnancies ending in abortion.

    And as to your WHO stats, factors used by WHO in ranking are:

    "- overall level of population health

    - health inequalities (or disparities) within the population;

    - overall level of health system responsiveness (a combination of patient satisfaction and how well the system acts);

    - distribution of responsiveness within the population (how well people of varying economic status find that they are served by the health system);

    - distribution of the health system’s financial burden within the population (who pays the costs)"

    Yeah, REAL objective. Especially since the last 2 give handicap points to socialized medicine. And "overall level of population health" is broad to point of idiocy. Conveniently, they haven't done this study since the late 90s.

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    Well it is to be expected .. Most better off Americans insure for Healthcare and get excellent service and treatment, probably better than we get on NHS . But those who cannot afford it get very poor basic treatment . The insurance companies and the more affluent Americans are the ones causing all the fuss and objecting, along with the big drug companies , The richer Americans object to paying taxes or whatever to finance the scheme,, saying I am not paying to subsidise the poorer who won't work and so on .. its an I'm all right Jack attitude .. The insurance companies who run the health schemes would lose out too and the drug companies are afraid that the government will make them lower drug prices , and so lose profits . Lots of Americans look upon social healthschemes as very politically, left wing, and want nothing to do with them. Call us Communists etc . It is part of an anti Obama campaign by the right wing politicians and vested business interests .. They are spreading lots of misinformed statements about the NHS ,, even downright falsehoods ,, to try to persuade the electorate to say no to the proposals . The average American citizen has no idea at all about the Health system we have in the UK , one of the best in the world, and can only go by the spiel that is being bandied about .

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    I believe it's not that the Americans "don't know how the NHS works" that's the issue here, what they are against is that "they the people will decide what is what" and not some ego making President trying to get a popularity vote from the not so well off.

    You would think that a medical care system that provides for all, free(well we pay NI contributions) at point of treatment/care is unchallengeable, so why the revolt in the USA?

    It's the people saying "Obama keep your nose out" , we decide and we'll tell you what to do or your voted out of office, people power in America is far more powerful than in the UK and they use it, that I am jealous of.

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    The UK NHS is a great system. Unfortunately its become a World Health System. Anybody, from anywhere, can come to the UK on holiday or as a student and get treatment for free, also.. the UK has been swamped by emigration, refugees, asylum seekers, illegal immigrants who are all entitled to free heathcare, free education , free housing etc etc without contributing a single penny into the Tax coffers and thats why there has been a huge increase in the support for right wing political parties..I think thats what the Americans fear will happen over there..

    Source(s): Living 35 years in the UK....
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    If our NHS is so evil has the Americans would say , then just why do some many people use our system has health tourists?. And at the moment we only have on private medical school in the UK, so that leaves the NHS to train the doctors for the private sector.

    Source(s): My wife and i are working for the NHS
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    I love the NHS. There would be a Civil War in the UK if the government tried to get rid of it. There are flaws in both American and British health care systems, but at least our system treats everyone whether they can afford it or not. At school I read a book by Charles Dickens, its good we no longer live in those times.

    Those right wing Republicans in the USA have said Stephen Hawkings would "not have a chance in the UK". Stephen thinks differently and said "I wouldn't be here today if it were not for the NHS. I have received a large amount of high-quality treatment without which I would not have survived."


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    Many Americans including myself are Anti Universal Health care, because we believe Government has no right to dictate to us what we ca and cant have for treatment. In UK you have Government deciding what course of treatment is better for patients based solely on (cost effectiveness), we dont have that in America. Secondly, waiting lists to be seen by experts in the UK is silly, for example, needing counselling for Depression you have to wait upto 3 months in most areas just to be seen. Same with Rheumatology and Pain Clinics. I know this from personal experience as an British American national. We dont have this problem in America.

    However, I do support President Obama's plans NOT to have a US-NHS but to provide free health care for ALL who loose their jobs and/ or too poverty stricken to afford it. BTW, we already have subsidized medical help in America for the poor its called MEDICADE. Where Government pays pretty much entire costs for health care for you. Not to mention that in America, we dont pay before hand for our health care as you do in the UK. Anyone who says you have free health care in the UK is a LIER, I worked in the London NHS until 11weeks ago and I know that National Insurance Tax is there for a reason this is how Brits pay for medical help and you still have Government pulling thee strings and long waiting lists.

    I believe the best system would be a cross match American/ British system, for example scrap the NHS and keep NI Tax, funnel this into private insurance schemes and get the Government out of the Health Care picture. Stop them telling us what is cost effective let Dr's decide, bring down waiting lists after referral and stop paying money (taxes) to the Government.

    BTW the World Health System comment is a false one. I am long term sick I suffer a debilitating disease that 5 months ago was not apart of my life at all, yet I still oppose the UK form of the NHS only Cuba has made nationalized health care a success and they have better health care system than UK only beaten by America and its 3rd world. Secondly, I am also a forgeinger to you and I still oppose the NHS so you cant blame foreigners for NHS supporters, only dire emergencies can be free treatment for non British nationals. If you hold permanent residency that allows you access to social funds and if you are naturalized a British citizen then and only then can you use our NHS. As a former worker in the NHS, I turned down so many people wanting NHS treatment because they never had access to social funds even though they was legally admitted to the UK.

    If someone gets thru this hurdle the PCT Primary Care Trust is then charged with rejecting NHS claims. I have seen so many legally allowed in Britain forced to pay private health care which usually costs roughly £180 per hour for a appointment with Dr's, £14 for a prescription to be wrote then a further charge for each prescription needed (depending on the cost of the individual medication/ drug). One visit will usually cost a person over £200 +

    Source(s): Experienced NHS and Home Office IND employee and a British American dual national.
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    You have to understand what's happening here. President Obama is trying to reform health care in the US. The Republicans are spending all their time, energy, and money trying to make him fail. It's not even about health care, it's about Obama.

    The Republicans feel they -own- the White House, so when a Democrat wins the presidency they feel they've been robbed of their property. They have a longstanding tradition never to cooperate with a Democratic president because that only hands him a victory. Instead they fight with lies, with smears and slime. They did it with Clinton too.

    I've spent a lot of time in Canada and I know how well their system works. But to hear Republicans talk, Canadians are dying like flies for want of health care. They will bash anything that looks good to some of us.

    Look at some of the silly questions here about Obama, and you'll see there is an appallingly large number of people who believe the lies. The Republicans are trying to rile them up, get them outraged, so they can use them to seize power in our next election.

    NOBODY here wants a government-run health system like the NHS. But its superior effectiveness and cost-effectiveness is undeniable, a matter of record.

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    Its republican propaganda. They only get their news from Fox news which is full of hate and lies..Some of us actually read the bill, and are informed. Im concerned about it as well dont get me wrong. I worry everytime our govt runs something because it can change hands every four years, but alot of us thank goodness broaden our minds, and search for info like asking you guys about your system. They are just cherry picking the letters and calls to get the worst story.. Like I could call and explain how I woke up during my surgery, and could feel them chiseling my knee. See thats a horrible story from here in america with my company insurance company, anyone can find a horror story in any country..Believe me we are listening and watching you folks very closely so keep submitting you good points.

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    You're a rational person, so you're forgiven ^^ People have been brainwashed by Liberals and Michael Moore to emotionally accept some weird "information". The American health care system is the best in the world. I agree we need reform, for it is not perfect. But to go from a great free market system to: "we need total government control" is nothing short of crazy. You don't go from Point A to Point Z without anything in between.

    We need to keep what works and fix what doesn't work. We don't need a complete overhaul of the best system on the planet. We need to regulate companies from screwing us on pricing and from dropping us like flies because of existing medical preconditions I think. But a full, federalized takeover is just batshiz insane.

    Social Security is running out of funding, and the country is in massive debt and at the same time they want control of our HEALTH?? You'd have to be crazy to agree with this insanity, and I know you don't. I like the comment below me about the changing of power every 4 years. Brings up some innnneresting thoughts.

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