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Can you help a fellow Y!Aer find a lost contact?

Controlled Enthusiasm one of my contacts appears to have vanished. Emails will still all be kept private if someone knows what happened to her or if you personally CE will email me back if you see my question. All leads will be considered and appreciated. Thanks everyone!!


Thanks Big Dog I did find a contact before that had changed her name with this method but this one seems to have vanished completely.

Update 2:

Is that a hint ldwmj? My contact was an avid Tom Petty fan, but she wouldn't have any particular reason for not wanting me to find her. She had always been available and now she just vanished and the last letter I sent to her was friendly plus she knows I'm married. All in all it's really a disturbing mystery and I hope she hasn't gotten hurt or something.

Update 3:

OMG!! Thanks WW but now I feel like a total idiot because it wasn't you I lost as a contact. You are safe and secure in my list of contacts because now that I think about it you did tell me this was your back-up account. I'd just forgotten that. I will now put up part of the name of my lost contact and maybe she or someone will recognize it and respond. Mi Sp

Update 4:

Thanks to everyone who is trying to help. I'm beginning to think that ldwmj may even be my lost contact. My lost contact's birth name is Dance though for the life of me can't figure why she would drop me as a contact.

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    Dont know her, but if i star it maybe another contact will know.

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    Hello - That is my back up account.

    I will add you to it.

    Edit - I am still connected to your account - did you check your fans list? I don't check my e-mail at that account very often.

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    i dont know her either hun..sorry i cant help ya but i will star in hope that one of my contacts might

  • MAYBE.........

    she doesnt WANT u to find her

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