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"台灣的國民年金" 的英文 National Annuity OF TAIWAN 這樣嗎?還是 TAIWAN'S National Annuity?哪個比較國際?還是有更正確的說法?

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    按照行政院勞工委員會勞工保險局全球資訊網上的英文說明, 國民年金的英文是 "National Pension Insurance"

    National Pension Insurance is launched on October 1, 2008. The main target for this insurance is the nationals who are above 25 years old and less than 65 years old and do not participate in Labor insurance, Farmer's health insurance, Government employees’ insurance and Insurance for Military Personnel. The benefit items include "old-age pension", "disability pension", "Survivors' Pension" and "Funeral Grant". National Pension Insurance also integrates Old-Age Citizens' Welfare Allowance and Old-Age Indigenes' Welfare Allowance. The purpose of this insurance is to provide basic economic security and stable living to citizens and their survivors who could not get proper protection from related social insurance in their old age or when they are disabled, and to build a complete social safety net to fulfill the idea of caring for all the people in the nation.


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