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翻譯短文 中翻英 15點哦


拜託了 我趕時間

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    After reading the book, the feel that the content of this book is also very interesting in particular, the book's main character is a red hair, big eyes, likes fantasy, energetic, positive and optimistic personality of the girl, named Anne Shirley ˙. Three months old in her parents died because of suffering from fever, she became orphans, after being adopted several times but it was finally admitted to the orphanage, but in a chance, she was adopted by a pair of brothers and sisters , and indeed it was intended to provide for the brother and sister who can help the work of adoption of the boys, but during a small mistake so that they point to the adoption of a girl, but they do not regret it at the time of her adoption, because the girl is a product of a fertile imagination and a very intelligent child, we can see the author is also an imaginative person. In addition to this book to introduce the girl's life, the key is to ensure that we can from the story of the young girls growing up with her, learning, such as the author emphasized that this book should cherish their own strengths and make the best use of and to change the character Anne - exaggerated by a speech, manners amazing little girl, and slowly grow in the adult society, and gradually by the attention, and its naive and lively temperament to influence everyone, so that we can live in a more warm, harmonious - let us see her growth. When I read this book, learned a lot after, but also to understand the importance of learning and growing, so I hope that you can follow the example of the advantage of her, to learn and grow stronger.

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    Looked after this book, thought that this book the content is very very specially also interesting, in the book lead is a red hair, the big eye, likes fantasizing that energetic, individuality positive optimistic girl, is called Anne ˙ snow Li. When her three months are big, the parents because of suffer from the fever to die, therefore she turned the orphan, afterward several times are adopted by the human, has been finally actually admitted to the orphanage, but under an accidental opportunity, she is adopted by pair of brother and sister, but this is originally actually must adopt the boy who to the brother and sister can help the work, but because period leaves a point small mistake to enable them to adopt to a girl, but they did not regret that at that time adopted her, because this girl is one has the rich imagination, and the very intelligent child, thus it can be seen the author is also oneRich imagination person. This book besides in introduced that this young girl's life, the key point is must enable us 夠 to grow together from this young girl's story with her, the study, is likely the author in this book stressed that the human should treasure own merit and the friendly Canadian use, and by the Anne disposition's change - by a speech exaggeration, the manner astonishing little girl, grows slowly in the adult society, receives the human to pay attention gradually, and by its naive, the lively personality affects each person, causes everybody to live warmly, harmonious - lets us see her growth. When I looked after this book, has learned many things, but also understands the study and the growth importance, therefore hoped that everybody can 夠 imitate her merit, studies the growth and is healthier.

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    After reading this book, I think this story is special and interesting. The leading character is a girl who has red hair, big eyes, and likes to imagine, energetic and positive girl, named Anny Sherry. When she was three months old, her parents died from calenture. She then was left lonely. She got adopted several times, but at last lived in an orphanage. But by a chance, she was adopted by a couple of brother and sister. They were actually to adopt a boy who could help working for them, but because of some mistakes, they got her. However, they didn't regret at all adopting her. Because this girl was a creative and certainly smart. We can tell by this that the author is a creative person as well. Besides introducing this girl's life, the point is to make us to grow, to learn with her in this book. Just like the author emphasized that people should cherish their advantages and use them wisely. And with the change of Anny's personalities, which from exaggerated speaking, terrifying behavior, slowly grew up in the society, and slowly got people's attention, and influenced people with her innocence, and energetic behavior. She made people feel warmer, and more peaceful, also showed us her grown-up. I learned a lot after reading this book. I also learned the importance of learning and growing up. Thus, I hope people can learn her advantages, and learn then grow stronger.


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