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A question about The Green Mile?

Alright, so The Green Mile is one of my all-time favorite movies, and I'm wondering if anyone can help me out on this. So, during one of the last scenes, once John Coffey infects Percy Wetmore with the brain tumor, Percy walks over to Wild Bill's cell and shoots him 6 times. Right before Percy shoots him, though, you can see one tear go down Percy's face, and you can twinkle in the music. Here, watch this clip, and you can see it:

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Start watching it at 1:37 in, and watch for the tear right at 2:48-2:49

Does anyone know the significance of this?

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    I believe that John put all the bad feelings, everything he saw into Percy. So Percy saw what Wild Bill had done and that's why he shot him and that's why the tear. I don't believe he gave him a brain tumour (did they say that in the film I can't recall?) I thought he just went nuts because of everything he saw when John touched him.

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