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5 of your least favourite national football team?


1. Switzerland

2. Hungary

3. Algeria

4. Gabon

5. Iraq

Note: It's only the football team I hate so if you are from any of these nationalities please don't get offended.

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    I never dislike full national football teams, just mainly players and whatever from those teams.

    1) U.S. - I love the country and I love what it's given me for the last 20 years of my life, but I absolutely cannot stand the ignorant and self-centered U.S. media, particularly ESPN. And don't get me started on Landon Donovan. Again, reiterating nothing against the rest of the club.

    2) Argentina - They dive, they "Hand of God"ball, they whine, what can you say. I might have liked Lionel Messi if he didn't have "Hand of God '86" written on his boots, then score a handball goal himself. I loved how Maxi Rodriguez dove in the World Cup 2006 Quarterfinals against Philipp Lahm, and Lahm looked like he knew the referee was going to botch it and give the penalty, until he realized he caught the Argentine diving and pulled out the yellow, and gave the referee the thumbs up.

    3) Italy - Marco Materazzi = headbutt bag. That's what he's going to be known for the rest of his life outside of Italy, unlike Zinedine Zidane, who is also known for his brilliant play throughout his career in addition to what happened at the end of it. And yeah, these guys dive and whine too. They should've had to play extra time against Australia in the second round of World Cup 2006 down a man instead of the phantom penalty given to them courtesy of a Grosso dive.

    4) Portugal - Aaaaand it's the diving and whining king himself, Cristiano Ronaldo! Able to actually exaggerate dives to the point where he's tumbling after he falls, has the gall to try to get his club teammate sent off in World Cup 2006, likes to mess around with the ball instead of passing it, until he gives it up to the opposition, and never staying loyal to his club team. Selfish, whiny, wussy, self-centered, disloyal, wow how does this guy have any fans outside of Madrid and Portugal? I felt bad for the rest of the Portuguese team when they were knocked out by France in the semifinals, but I felt so happy watching Cristiano Ronaldo's crying face.

    5) Spain - To a lesser extent than Argentina and Italy, divers and whiners on this team as well. I liked both Dani Alves and Fernando Torres before they became well-known, but once they did, I found out about their diving ways. Torres does it less often than Alves does, but to make up for it, Torres opens his yap up all the time. He talks about how La Liga is stronger than the freakin' Premier League that he is playing in, and he thinks my man John Terry is not the best defender in the world.

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    Texas Longhorns because i live near campus in Austin. this is self explanatory no? anyway they are totally overrated and keep getting smacked around but still people think they're the best team ever. Mack Brown is a joke. also i don't have a TV so i have to watch games in a bar but everyone else has to watch the lame big 12 games. i love good defense and big 12 defenses are a joke. I'd much rather watch a good SEC game than watch overrated teams run up the score on pathetic defenses. Texas can't even make it through their really soft schedule... 1 hard game and they can't even make that. close second is Oklahoma.. they only have one or two hard games and then get blown out in bowl games and they still get stuck as the default no 1 team... them and ohio state.... it's pathetic. so there.

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    1. Mexico

    2. Ghana

    3. Nigeria

    4. France

    5. Serbia

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    1) El Salvador: They're hatred for the mexican national team is amazing

    2) Brazil: I cant see the "magic" everyone sees in them haha

    3) U.S.: They're the mexican national team's rivals, but I respect them as a team no doubt about it

    4) possibly Argentina

    cant really think of another one i dont like...

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    1. USA

    2. Australia

    3. Japan

    4. Iran

    5. Iraq

    I don't like the soccer teams so if u r from any of the countries don't get offended

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    1. Mex

    2. Italy

    i don't really dislike any other teams. mex because they are the US's rivals and italy because most of them dive and whine like b*tches.

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    1. France

    2. Mexico

    3. Germany

    4. Costa Rica

    5. Northern Ireland

    lol this is a great question. and thanks for that side note cuz i was gonna say the same thing.

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    Costa Rica



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