Can Asus motherboards run ATI Video Cards?

I am trying to run a PowerColor (ATI) Radeon HD 3850 512mb GDDR3 Dual DVI
Update: I have a Asus Motherboard and on the box it says:

Socket 754 for AMD CPU,
NVIDIA nForce3 250,
System Bus 1600MT/s,
8-Channel Audio

So does the "NVIDIA nForce3 250" part on the box mean that i can only run Geforce products only?
Also, it is AGP if that makes a difference!
Update 2: After a couple answers below, i checked and yes my motherboard, new and old video cards are both AGP but i was looking on box (ATI CARD) and it says GDDR3 when the Asus (Motherboard) box says DDR400 would that be that probley why i cant run this new card?
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